Meet our happy family

Life360 is a lean startup located in sunny South Beach, San Francisco. What we lack in size we make up for in enthusiasm for our customers, our product, and our catered team lunch on Tuesdays.

See who does what!

  • Aaron Burcham

    Software Developer in Test
  • Alex Haro

  • Amanda Clark

    Product Designer
  • Amol Kher

    Head of Mobile
  • Aaron Stone

    Infrastructure Engineering Manager
  • Ben Galperin

    QA Engineer
  • Brandon Loyd

    Product Manager
  • Carlos Hernandez

    iOS Engineer
  • Chase Isabelle

    Software Engineer
  • Chris Hulls

  • Dan Lee Jo

    Android Engineer
  • Daniel Ben-Yosef

    Infrastructure Engineer
  • David Kuo

    iOS Engineer
  • Dusty Pearce

    Head of Backend Engineering
  • Evan De Loryn

    Head of Finance & Ops
  • Itamar Novick

    Chief Business Officer
  • Jamie Mar

    Office Manager
  • Jennifer Yettke

    Customer Service Manager
  • Jesse Chapo

    Senior Product Designer
  • Josh Wickham

    Lead Platform Engineer
  • Joshua Archer

    iOS Engineer
  • Justin Poole

    Lead Infrastructure Engineer
  • Kranthi Kancharla

    QA Test Engineer
  • Krystle Song

    Product Manager
  • Michael Sullivan

    Engineering Manager
  • Nelly Lam

    Engineer in Test
  • Orrin Cross

    Android Engineer
  • Remon Karim

    Android Engineer
  • Ryan Katkov

    Engineering Manager
  • Shay Elkin

    Senior Location Engineer
  • Shorty The Dog

    Official Spokesdog
  • Sudheer Peddireddy

    Lead Android Engineer
  • Thomas Quinto

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Tilman Thederan

    Software Engineer
  • Trenton Huey

  • Virendra Vase

  • Yusuf Sobh

    iOS Engineer