Meet our happy family

Life360 is a lean startup located in sunny South Beach, San Francisco. What we lack in size we make up for in enthusiasm for our customers, our product, and our catered team lunch on Tuesdays.

See who does what!

  • Aaron Burcham

    Software Developer in Test
  • Alex Haro

  • Amanda Clark

    Product Designer
  • Amir Taichman

    Developer Platform Product Manager
  • Andreas Gross

    Head of Growth and Analytics
  • Ben Galperin

    QA Engineer
  • Bennie the Dog

    Fur Engineer
  • Ben Erez

    Associate Project Manager
  • Bhargav Natarajan

    Head of Test Engineering
  • Bhramara Thallapragada

    QA Lead
  • Carlos Hernandez

    iOS Engineer
  • Chris Hulls

  • Chris Williams

    Android Engineer
  • Daniel Ben-Yosef

    Infrastructure Engineer
  • David Kuo

    iOS Engineer
  • Dusty Pearce

    Head of Backend Engineering
  • Eli Riter

    QA Engineer
  • Freddy Hernandez

    Operations Manager
  • Hooman Ahmadi

    Backend Engineer
  • Irene McCalphin

    Office Assistant
  • Itamar Novick

    Chief Business Officer
  • Jennifer Yettke

    Customer Service Manager
  • Jeremy Titus

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Jim Smolen

    Head of Global Alliances
  • Josh Wickham

    API Engineer
  • Julie Mullins

    Director of Communications
  • Justin Poole

    Infrastructure Engineer
  • Kranthi Kancharla

    QA Test Engineer
  • Lia Coniglio

    Head of Human Resources
  • Lisa Kovacevich

    User Experience Lead
  • Lizz Porter

    Social Media & Community Manager
  • Luke Chastain

    Senior Mobile Engineer
  • Maoz Friedman

    Product Manager
  • Matt Lanier

    Head of Infrastructure
  • Meg Green

    Infrastructure Engineer
  • Michelle Dysangco

    Head of Customer Support
  • Mohammed Islam

    iOS Engineer
  • Michael Sparks

    Project Manager
  • Michael Sullivan

    API Engineer
  • Nathanael Silverman

    Android Engineer
  • Nebo Nedeljkovic

    Head of Platform Management
  • Nelly Lam

    Engineer in Test
  • Pronob Ashwin

    iOS Engineer
  • Remon Karim

    Android Engineer
  • Rong Shen

    Engineer in Test
  • Ryan Katkov

    Lead Engineer
  • Sam Filer

    Head of Finance
  • Shay Elkin

    Senior Location Engineer
  • Shorty The Dog

    Official Spokesdog
  • Simon Tuffs

    Senior Location Engineer
  • Sudheer Peddireddy

    Lead Android Engineer
  • Tilman Thederan

    Software Engineer
  • Trenton Huey

  • Tristan Eastburn

    Senior Backend Engineer
  • Tyler Townley

    Visual Design Lead
  • Victor Cimala

    Senior Infrastructure Engineer
  • Virendra Vase

  • Yusuf Sobh

    iOS Engineer