30 Fall Things to Do as a Family

fall leaves1 (1)There’s a good chance that fall is your family’s favorite season. It’s a time to get outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures by heading to the pumpkin patch, giving thanks around the table and snuggling into the depths of your couch with a sweater and some hot coca. At a loss for what to do when the falling leaves turn from a trickle into a tumble and the weekends arrive and you have nothing planned? Here are 30 things to do this fall as a family.

  1. Bake cookies (they don’t have to be from scratch) and deliver them to your neighbors in jazzed up Pringles cans. [Source]
  2. Go apple picking at a local farm.
  3. Make a sidewalk chalk portrait for your holiday card. [Source]
  4. Every first weekend, Bank of America offers free admission to select museums around the country for card holders. [Source]
  5. Check your downtown art museum for pay-what-you-wish admission.
  6. Here’s 30 easy Halloween treats kids can make like a vampire bagel bite. [Source]
  7. Go bowling.
  8. Instead of lemonade, host an apple cider stand. And donate your earnings to charity.
  9. Make a ghost refrigerator. [Source]
  10. Have a family rubber ducky race in a shallow creek near your home.
  11. Dedicate Fridays to “Fort Fridays” by making a fort and popping in a DVD and munching on popcorn.
  12. Gather sticks, affix tiny labels and make a “giving thanks” tree. [Source]
  13. Live near an airport? Hop on the hood of the car or pop the hatch of the minivan and check out the airplanes arriving and departing.
  14. Grab a blindfold and play a round of “blind makeup” by letting the blindfolded person be the makeup artist. Now, switch.
  15. Play “tourist” for a day and do the things that tourists would do in your downtown: take a carriage ride, explore the historical treasures and take loads of pictures.
  16. Go on a ghost tour. Here’s how to do it for free in select city cities. [Source]
  17. Make outdoor Halloween luminaries using brown lunch bags. [Source]
  18. Be a secret inspiration by leaving “positive affirmation” cards like “be the change you seek” in library books or taped to a mirror in a public restrooms, etc.
  19. Jump in that leaf pile already!
  20. Bake some chocolate chip banana bread. Oh my. [Source]
  21. Wow the classroom party with the easiest mini Frankenstein cups using Jell-O, a Sharpie and crumbled Oreos. [Source]
  22. If you live on the coasts, go whale or dolphin watching.
  23. Grab the kids and toilet paper dad’s car while he’s sleeping. Let him know “mummy” did it. Heh.
  24. Play flashlight tag.
  25. Create a family command center. Here’s 20 ideas. [Source]
  26. Hit a thrift store and find hidden gems and re-purpose them as a family.
  27. Make art out of melted crayons. [Source]
  28. If you have a fire pit or a microwave, make some ‘smores and enjoy them outside with ghost stories.
  29. Get started on the holidays with these 25 handmade gifts under $5. [Source]
  30. Of course: you went to the pumpkin patch via hayride, right? Cool! Now, paint one pumpkin with black chalkboard paint and countdown the days to Halloween or Thanksgiving.

And most importantly, have fun out there!

Post by Liz Henry | Image credit: Ed Schipul