4 Apps to WOW your Instagram Photos

4 Apps to Wow Your Instagram Photos MainLove Instagram? Do you often get frustrated when you take a beautiful picture, and can only fit in a fraction of the picture in your Instagram post? Have you seen those great pics where people created a matrix of several pictures, complete with caption? Wish there were more options?

Here are 4 super fun Instagram apps to complement the beautiful Instagram posts you have in your mind’s eye that you’ve been dying to share.

1. InstaSize Android iPhone FREE


With the InstaSize app, you don’t even need to go into Instagram to post. You can add titles, stickers, backgrounds, and a collage of several pictures…and they all fit into your Instagram post without cropping! Love this app!

2. PicFrame Android | iPhone | Blackberry 99¢


PicFrame is similar to InstaSize, but even more robust, allowing you to add up to 9 photos, videos, or text in a collage and includes 73 fully adjustable frames, effects, shapes, backgrounds, and more!

3. Everlapse iPhone FREE

Everlaps helps you to create interesting flipbooks with your photos. Add a bunch of pictures and you can show time lapses, a quick slideshow, or even create an Instagram Top 20 Highlights – which automatically takes your top rated Instagram photos and makes a flipbook. See my Instagram Highlights here.

4. Split Lens iPhone FREE


Split Lens allows you to create photo collages also but you can choose the collage type first, than shoot your pic live into each individual picture for the collage. You can then individually adjust each picture, adding filters and moving it around in the frame so it’s just right. It’s easy to share on multiple platforms, in addition to Instagram.

Any one of these apps can add some extra zest and excitement to your Instagram portfolio. And these apps just scratch the surface; there are a ton of Instagram-related apps available on all mobile platforms. Craving more Instagram apps? Here’s a bunch more! And don’t forget to follow @Life360App on Instagram to get peeks of what’s happening in our offices!