5 Ways to Stay Safe this Winter

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Winter is a fantastic time of year with beautiful snowfalls and endless holidays for families and friends to get together. However, even though the season creates incredible memories, several hazards come with the icy, cold weather. Having a location sharing and family safety app like Life360 can be a great way to communicate with family if the weather gets bad

To help keep you and your family safe, we have outlined five safety tips to help protect your loved ones this Winter. 

5 Winter Safety Tips

The first snowfall of the year is often one of the most magical moments for kids and adults, but it can create dangerous conditions. Understanding the potential dangers of Winter and how to navigate them will help keep everyone safe. The following safety strategies are a great place to start when preparing for Winter this year. 

1. Dress for the weather

As temperatures begin to plummet throughout Winter, it’s important to dress for the weather. In certain parts of the United States, it’s common for temperatures to move from the 40s or 50s to below freezing within hours. Being caught in the cold weather can be a recipe for disaster, especially for children and elderly adults.

When venturing outside, try dressing in layers that way you’re protected from the elements regardless of what the weather is like. Items such as hats, scarves, and gloves can be great ways to stay warm outdoors. 

2. Share your location when driving or walking

Driving and walking also become more dangerous during Winter, thanks to hazards such as ice. It can be near impossible to see ice on roads or sidewalks; within a few seconds, things can turn from good to bad. One way to remain safe when driving or walking is to share your location with friends and family

Using a safety app like Life360 can be a great way to share location information with loved ones if you get stranded in the elements.

3. Travel before dark when possible

If you must venture out on the roads during a winter storm, try to travel during the daytime. While icy road conditions can happen anytime throughout the day, the weather is more likely to decrease as the sun goes down. 

Traveling after dark can also mean low visibility during unexpected winter storms. 

4. Prepare your car

One of the most important ways to improve your overall safety during the Winter months is to prepare your vehicle for driving in the snow. This could mean replacing worn-out tires, buying new windshield wipers, or checking the life of your vehicle’s battery. Another option for keeping your car safe is using a driving safety app.

Life360 currently offers members the following driving safety features:

5. Car seat safety for kids

It’s natural to dress your children in warm clothing, such as oversized winter jackets and hats. While they do a great job of keeping your little one toasty, they can pose problems if they still use a car seat. For instance, puffy coats can make it difficult to properly secure your child in the car seat and sometimes can even lead to suffocation. 

One option to ensure your children are kept warm is to remove their jackets and place a warm jacket over them. 

Staying safe this Winter with Life360

Whether you plan on traveling or have family members who are, it’s important to be properly prepared for the Winter season. One of the best ways to share location, communicate, and stay safe is with Life360. Register online today.

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