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6 Halloween Safety Tips

It’s here! Its here! One of my favorite holidays is FINALLY here, Halloween!

Halloween is one of the few holidays where the main agenda is to simply have fun. What other holiday do we get to scare people, eat candy, and run around pretending to be someone else? That’s pretty much as fun as a holiday can get. But running around the streets accepting candy from strangers can be a little dangerous without taking a few precautions first.

So here are a few safety and fun tips for a safe and memorable Halloween with your little ones.

  1. Think Safe When Choosing a Costume: Try to avoid dark constricting costumes and masks that may hinder your child’s ability to get around safely while trick or treating. Little zombies and monsters are safer wearing make-up rather than masks.
  2. Wear the Right Shoes: This deserves its own list item. Skip the high heel princess pumps on your preschooler and put on tennis shoes. Walking for a couple of hours in the dark is no time to have your child wearing fancy shoes. Safety first and put on the tennis shoes.
  3. Know Your Area: Pick your trick or treating area ahead of time. Try and stay in your own neighborhood, or any neighborhood that has a lot of other trick or treaters and that you or someone in your group knows well.  Follow the rules of trick or treating by avoiding dark houses with porch lights off. Speaking of old school trick or treating rules, it never hurts to remind your child that while trick or treating they should never enter someone’s house. Avoid jay walking and stick to the cross walks. If you don’t have a safe neighborhood you can trick or treat in visit your local mall. Malls all over the country put on trick or treat evenings at their stores where kids can safely walk around the mall trick or treating at various stores.
  4. Keep It Lit: It’s easy to find light-up necklaces and cool Halloween themed flashlights for your trick or treaters to carry with them while trick or treating.
  5. Proper Candy Eating Technique: Our parents told us, and we tell our kids. Let an adult check the candy BEFORE eating it!
  6. Keep your Battery Charged: One of the greatest tools we have as parents today, our smart phone. A flashlight, phone for an emergency, map, GPS locator apps, and of course a camera to capture every spooky moment.

What would you add to the list?

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