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6 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

It feels as though my kids got out of school just yesterday, so it’s hard to believe that we are already getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July. I have to admit that the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. It is always one of the highlights of summer and I can never get enough of the good food, wonderful weather and spectacular fireworks that signify the 4th.

Most families have their own 4th of July traditions, but if you’re looking to add some new traditions to your day then here are a few 4th of July activities to add.

  1. A Block Party – Keep it simple and old school by inviting your local friends and neighbors to your house, the local park or pool, or whatever is easiest. Have everyone bring a dish and BOOM you have the perfect 4th of July get together. Nothing says America like neighbors and friends getting together to eat apple pie while kids run around the yards with squirt guns screaming. That is certainly the sound of my childhood 4th of July…
  2. A Bike Parade – I’ve lived in a few neighborhoods that do this. Have all the neighborhood kids decorate their bikes in red, white, and blue and ride through the neighborhood or local park. This is always a fun activity for kids and gives them something to do the first half of the day.
  3. Watch a Movie – I know what you’re thinking. “What? A movie on a day that’s meant to be spent outdoors? But if you end up with some down time between activities or a quiet thing to do after fireworks, a movie with popcorn and leftover apple pie is perfect. Our family favorite is the Sandlot.
  4. Watch Fireworks – Map out your viewing ahead of time. Hopefully you have a regular spot you can go where you know you can see the fireworks. If not just drive around the vicinity where your local fireworks display is. When I was growing up, I spent many an Independence Day driving around watching fireworks in different neighborhoods of my hometown. Depending on where you live, try catching more than one firework display. From the foothills of the Valley where I grew up in, you could drive up to the highest peak and watch 5 different displays happening throughout our valley. Simply magical.
  5. Go to a Baseball Game. Majors or minors, most will have fireworks displays after the game. You can’t get much more traditional then baseball, a hot dog and fireworks.

What is your favorite 4th of July tradition, new or old?

3 Responses to “6 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day”

  1. paschott

    Favorite – singing @ the Botanical Gardens with our chorus while they set off fireworks behind us. This year – being in a parade handing out candy, swimming, relaxing a bit at home, and grilling. We may play some games together, but with typical TX temps, we probably will minimize our time spent outside.

    • Life360

      Oh yeah, Texas summers would drive me inside for sure! LOL
      I always loved participating in my town’s parade when I was a kid! Such great memories!

  2. Ann

    I'm not a fan of fireworks- they're too loud for me and they scare my poor cat. So my family has a lunch BBQ tradition, so that I can be home at night to keep the cat from freaking out. I like celebrating and also being home before all the drunk people are out on the roads.


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