8 Things I Want to do This Summer

May is officially over which means one of the most important and significant times of the year for both parents and children, SUMMER VACATION!

That’s right, it’s time to blast the Beach Boys, relax and spend some quality time with the kids. Which takes care of the first week. Than what? After all, not all of us have plans for summer camp or a daycare to send our kids too. Every year I write a post on things to do for the summer (which all still hold up by the way). So this year I’m going to specifically give you a list of my goals for the summer.

  1. Work Efficiently – Since I work from home I enter the summertime facing the ultimate challenge of having my kids home 24/7 yet a work schedule that does not change with the summer. So I will set my work hours, explain them to my kids and stick to them. Work in the first part of the day and play in afternoon is the way to go. If you work from home, creating a schedule and sticking to it is the only way to survive the summer schedule. Which, when subtracting the hectic schedule of the school year, might be easier than you think.
  2. Read – My kids are now officially chapter book reading young people. This fills me with so much joy! That means laying a blanket out in the back yard with some watermelon and lemonade and reading our books will be a regular activity for us this summer. Nothing says quality time more than family reading time.
  3. Fight Summer Learning Loss – Though reading time (see #2) will help a great deal in combating summer learning loss, I want to make sure my kids stay sharp in math too. My kids fight with me when it comes to doing work over the summer, so I will incorporate card games and other number related games into our routine.
  4. Mommy Time – I vow to make plans with my mom friends so I don’t forget how to interact with adults. Meeting up at the pool with the kids and catching up as often as we can.
  5. Explore – I plan on lots of time at our local lake taking full advantage of the area where we live.
  6. Keep Exercising – I refuse to let the summer make me slip up on my workout habits. I’ve been good, and I want to stay that way. I plan on running before the kids wake up, lots of walks to the park and swimming with my kids not just watching them swim from the lounge chair.
  7. The Summer Reading Program at the Library – This is the first year the kids are really looking forward to reading books on their own this summer and seeing how many they can do. Plus we’re all looking forward to the summer time entertainment they have planned!
  8. Put Away my Phone – My kids and I need some time to hang out. Without me thinking about work or looking at my phone. They need time with just me coloring, swimming or building Legos. Of all my other goals, this one is the most important by far.

What about you?  What are your plans and goal for the summer?


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