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8 Tooth Fairy Excuses

Photo by Holly Kennedy

Here’s the truth. We moms and dads try to do it all. We try to keep our households running, school work and schedules in order, dinner on the table, bills paid, and the never ending chore of keeping people from breaking bones or poking one another’s eyes out.

But as hard as we may try, sometimes things fall through the cracks. And an unofficial poll (and by unofficial poll I mean mom friends on the playground and on Facebook have lamented about this issue a number of times that I’ve seen) of the things that seems to fall through the cracks more than once over the course of a child’s grade school career is the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.

I am not pointing fingers. The Tooth Fairy has missed out house on more than one occasion. Sometimes it’s been because I had no change around the house. (I pretty much only use my ATM card; never carrying cash, plus the weekly stops at the school’s Wednesday Ice Cream sales, keeps my purse pretty dry of change.) So yes, there have been times when I just simply feel like running to the gas station at 11 p.m. just to get some change. And then there have been times where I honestly just slept through and didn’t realize until the next morning that I had forgotten.

It’s harsh, but it’s reality. And I think most parents I know have forgotten the Tooth Fairy at least once.

So the question is, how do we redeem the Tooth Fairy when she flakes (let’s put the blame on her shall we)? Here are few ways to help salvage a missed Tooth Fairy visit.

Photo by Elizabeth Esther

1. Leave a Note

The time that I mentioned above that I didn’t have change I left a rain check. The kid still gets the excitement of having the Tooth Fairy visit and it buys you one more night to pull together a couple bucks.

2. Blame the Weather

This lie is of course only workable in extreme weather conditions during certain times of the year (i.e. “It was too hot” or “It was too cold”).

3. She Ran out of Money

You know what? She’s a tiny fairy. How many coins can she really carry on any given night? This is one of the most reliable excuses, especially since it can be used more than once.

4. Location Was Wrong

I’ve investigated the scene of a missed tooth fairy visit before and told my son that he had shoved the tooth too far back beneath his pillow and she couldn’t reach it. He had me double check the placement the next night, and sure enough she showed up.

5. She Doesn’t Work on Holidays

If your child loses a tooth during any holiday (where the chances of a tooth being forgotten increase) you can simply say she doesn’t work on holidays. She’ll catch the tooth another day.

6. Elaborate Tales of Fairy Business

If you’ve got the energy to come up with something really good, you can explain about Tinkerbell being sick and the Tooth Fairy having to fill in. Or even how the Fairies are on strike because kids aren’t brushing their teeth well enough.

7. Bad Children

I don’t condone this per say, but hey, if your child is giving you a lot of grief about brushing his teeth then tell him the Tooth Fairy skipped his tooth because it hadn’t been brushed well enough. Kind of mean, yes, but effective.

8. Half Truth

Tell him the Tooth Fairy was up late to meet a deadline, and then she had to catch up on laundry, bake some cupcakes for the third grade party, and after that passed out on the couch watching Conan.

It isn’t easy being the Tooth Fairy after all.

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