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8 Ways to Save on Gas

As politicians bicker back and forth about the rising cost of gas prices, those of us here in the trenches are stuck paying exuberant amounts just to simply get around town. If you’re looking for something YOU can do about the ridiculous gas prices, I would recommend contacting your Senator and Congressman. Even more importantly I would recommend voting in the next election, and actually researching the candidates before doing so.

But that does northing to help ease the burden of the gas tank today. With the national average cost per gallon hitting a whopping $3.81 a gallon (umm, $4.41 where I live) I thought I’d offer few tips for saving gas today.

  1. Combine Trips – Over the course of time you’d be surprised how much gas you can save by planning ahead. At the beginning of the week write down all the errands and trips you’re planning on making throughout the week and do your best to combine them all into as few trips as possible (this can also help you conserve time as well, but that’s another post).
  2. Take Care of Your Car – Most oil companies say to change the oil every 3,000 miles or three to six months regardless of what type of driving you do. Stick as close to this as possible. Taking care of your tires will l help as well. Every manufacturer will recommend different requirements for how often you should rotate your tires, but typically it is between 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Also check your tire pressure often (especially in extreme weather conditions).
  3. Use Your grocery Card – Grocery stores like Safeway and Costco sell gas, and they sell it cheap to members. You can earn serious discounts with your Safeway card when you grocery shop as well.
  4. Walk – Now this is not necessarily an option for everyone obviously, but if you live in an area where you can walk (or ride your bike) to school or work do so! And do it as often as possible. This not only eases the burden on your wallet, but it’s great for the environment and will keep you healthy!
  5. Brake Correctly – By driving at a safe speed that allows you to brake slowly (and as little as possible) such as staying far enough away from the car in front of you in traffic so you keep moving instead of breaking constantly, can get 10 to 20 percent better mileage.
  6. Cut Down on the A/C & The Window – The A/C is a known gas-guzzler. But having the window down can also cause resistance at high speeds. So a good rule of them when the weather allows? Roll down your windows for in town driving and use the A/C for freeway driving. Park in the shade on hot days to help keep the car cool. Though this one will be hard once the summer comes…
  7. There’s An App for That – There are tons of apps on iTunes that will use your phone GPS to help you find the cheapest gas near you. Find one you like and use it!
  8. Empty Your Car – Your spare tire and jack are necessities, but your golf clubs aren’t. Try to keep the trunk as empty as you can to lighten the load AND resistance.

What are some of the ways YOU save on gas?

30 Responses to “8 Ways to Save on Gas”

  1. Jonathan Gedeon

    Hello Meghan,

    I read over your tips and agree that gas prices have gotten awful high. I also agree that rather than waiting for them to change it is important to take action. Whether that writing politicians or simply using less gas. If the laws of supply and demand hold true theoretically using less gas would cause the prices to drop. Well I’m not an economist or anything but i figure even if using less gas wont decrease the price at least it will save a bit in my wallet anyhow cause I’m buying less.

    I actually wrote a similar blog that has some different variations on the tips you offered here. Take a look if you'd like:

  2. miriama

    These are all good tips and ones I abide by. Except the A/C. I can't stand heat so the A/C is a lifesaver for me!

  3. paula

    Wow I need to slow down and not brake fast to save gas. Always use my grocery card to save and really helps alot but the AC one have to use on really hot days:( Why dont they make a car that drives on Water. lol

    • kitblu

      The oil companies don't want to give up their control. I have heard of different 'power' ideas for automobiles but they have been stolen/bought out.

  4. Betty Baez

    Thanks I didn't know there wa an app, we definitely try to plan our trips so where not eating up gas

  5. Cindy Loo

    Wow, thank you so much for these! Some of these tips will really save my family some money!

  6. Jeni Monroe

    Thank you for such awesome tips. I never thought of most of these.

  7. kitblu

    About changing the oil based on the oil producers' recommendations: my car manual says that the oil need be changed only ONCE a year. Of course I don't know what oil they used but who knows better? I vote for the car maker. My mechanic looked shocked when I told him that.
    I live in Canada. We don't have grocery cards for gasoline. We do have one grocery store chain with pumps. Buying gas there gives a coupon based on amount pumped that can be used in the store.
    I don't have A/C and am heat averse so open windows provides my only relief.
    As for gentle braking, my car has a standard transmission. I can often gear down and hardly use the brakes.
    I will also have a look at Jonathan's article.

  8. Abby B.

    I save on gas by carpooling to work with my husband! It works out great because it saves us from sitting in traffic for hours too 🙂

    • Geo

      I just got a new job and I'm planning to find people to carpool with. I don't care if we have nothing to talk about during the drive either – I just wanna save on gas. Everyone should carpool if they can.

  9. Calli

    These are some good, common sense tips. I wish I didn't live so far away from my work, I would save a lot on gas.

  10. Hugo

    I save gas by not driving very far and owning a hybrid. I bike to places within 5 miles of my house, and then use a hybrid when I need to go further. I find it saves me tons of money on gas.

  11. Amber S.

    I combine trips when I can, stock up on things even if I'm not out (so I don't to run again in a day or two), and try to buy gas at the lowest price.

    • Seth

      If you don't know about it, check out You can find gas prices everywhere. I use it to find the cheapest in my area.

  12. Seth

    I ride my bike when the weather is nice, and I feel pretty good about myself. Exercise and saving gas in one activity.

  13. Jennifer

    I love being outside, especially going for walks and jogs. If I have errands that are within walking distance (1 to 2 miles), I hit the pavement!

  14. Jennifer

    Oh, and I always forget that I leave my golf clubs in the trunk. It never occurs to me, so I should prob take them out ASAP!

  15. aric

    i try not to use the a/c when it's warm out, unless it's unbearably hot and i'll sweat through my clothes. i think we're pretty spoiled in america and can learn to go without a/c once in awhile.

  16. sara jackson

    These tips are pretty great! I use many of them but the most helpful is to think of anywhere i might need to go when i am leaving the house for one thing and it always cuts down on the amount of trips i have to make.

  17. Geo

    Braking correctly? Interesting. Also, using cruise control at the speed limit helps reduce.

  18. cassie c

    Anyway to save on gas is great–dont think i can cut out the a/c too much here in north carolina though….

  19. birendra hati

    Try using ur GPS and find the shortest route to your destination. Hence not causing you to travel more distance for your destination.


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