A closer look at Life360’s Live Advisor service

Live Advisor Life360Millions of people rely on the free Life360 app due to keep track of their families and increase their lines of communication.

About three years ago, Life360 introduced their 24/7 Live Advisor program, as a part of its Premium plan. Recognizing the role Life360 plays in many families lives, they wanted to go to the next level and really support families in their times of need.

Live Advisor is the ultimate lifeline for everyone in your Circle. With just one press on the Live Advisor button, you are automatically connected to a Live Advisor.

Immediately, the Live Advisor can help you with:

  • PERSONAL EMERGENCIES: Auto accidents, Auto breakdowns/roadside needs, Medical assistance, Missing family members
    Tornados, Hurricanes, Floods, Thunderstorms, Landslides, Earthquakes, Tsunamis
  • OTHER EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: Major power outages, Hazardous material breaches, Terrorist Events

Yes, even terrorist events, though hopefully, this situation is less likely to occur. Have you been in an emergency situation before where you’re just not sure who to call first? Or perhaps you call your husband or wife right away and they don’t answer? And as Murphy’s Law would have it, your cellphone is about to lose its battery power?

I wanted to learn more about the Live Advisor program so I talked with Jenn Yettke, Customer Support Manager at Life360. She told me that they receive 100 calls a day through their Live Advisor support center, though a number of them are app support calls on using the LIfe360 app.

Jenn told me a number of actual stories that Live Advisors assisted customers with. Here are a few…

Lost Phone
One customer lost his phone on the side of the highway, a Live Advisor was able to use the satellite view on the application to guide the customer and locate the missing phone.

Needed Tow Truck Assistance
One customer was stuck in the middle of the dessert and he was unable to find a location to send a tow truck. The customer used the Live Advisor feature and with the assistance of the mapping system, Life360 was able to locate him and send out a tow truck to get him assistance.

The Live Advisor call center teamRunaway Daughter
A customer’s minor daughter had run away and was being located to a certain location before her phone lost connection. We helped identify the nearest location to her last known address and the customer was then able to figure out where she was from there.

Wow, what great stories. In my conversation with Jenn I realized more innately how tremendous a resource the Life Advisor button is…and it’s right at our fingertips.

How Life360 Could Help You
Imagine how Live Advisor could help your family….

    1. Say you’re running errands and are late to pick up your daughter from high school. Your phone is about to die. Knowing your daughter may not have her phone turned on yet, you call Life360 and they can advise your daughter that you’re on your way and let her know how far away you are.
    2. Your son gets in a car crash. He’s OK, but the car isn’t and the person he crashed into isn’t so happy. Your son can call Live Advisor to notify the people in his family Circle what has happened and the Live Advisor can contact members of his family Circle to come to his aid as he talks to the angry driver.
    3. Your daughter has night classes at college and is always a little nervous walking around at night. She could call the Live Advisor to “walk” with her until she reaches her car safely.
    4. Your elderly parent loves to walk but over the last several months you’ve noticed she is not as mentally clear as she once was. As long as she has her phone with her, she can press the Life Advisor button to get assistance on making her way back home.
    5. You’ve been watching a fire in the hills near your home. Now it’s time to evacuate. You can call Live Advisor to notify your family or friends within your Circle to give them an update so you can focus on getting out safely.
    6. Your husband is driving home from work and runs out of gas. He can call Live Advisor to send a tow truck to assist him.

Live Advisor is just one of the benefits of upgrading to the Premium version. Other benefits include:

  • Unlimited location updates for non-smartphones
  • Unlimited Places
  • $100 in stolen phone protection
  • Expanded History data – great for keeping track of your teens

Find the plan that fits your family best. Live Advisor can give you and your children extra peace of mind and instant aid in the time of need. It’s your lifeline…or your back-up plan. Either way, you’re covered.

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