An important note for Life360 iOS7 users from our CEO

A letter from Chris Hulls, to our iOS7 users:

Hi there,

I’m Life360’s co-founder and CEO, and I’m reaching out to you because either you or a family member are running Life360 on iOS7.

Since iOS7 was released, location updates have become unreliable for some users. This is unfortunately due to changes outside of our control. However, we are working with Apple to fix the major problems, and our team has been working around the clock to find solutions for others.

We have found that the majority of users who are having problems with iOS7 are experiencing them from intentional system changes made by Apple, not Life360 bugs. To keep location working properly, it is critical that you:

#1: Make sure all family members leave Life360 running in the background


If a family member “kills” Life360 by double tapping on the home button and removing the app from the tray, their location will not automatically update again until they manually restart the application.

#2 Check that everyone in your family has Background App Refresh and Location Services turned on

backgroundrefresh copy

If you or a family member turns either of these settings off, Life360 will not be able update locations.

I would like to personally assure you that stability is a top priority for Life360 and we hope to release a new, improved version to you soon.

We appreciate your patience while we work out these iOS7 kinks.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note directly at

Thank you,