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An important note for Life360 iOS7 users from our CEO

A letter from Chris Hulls, to our iOS7 users:

Hi there,

I’m Life360’s co-founder and CEO, and I’m reaching out to you because either you or a family member are running Life360 on iOS7.

Since iOS7 was released, location updates have become unreliable for some users. This is unfortunately due to changes outside of our control. However, we are working with Apple to fix the major problems, and our team has been working around the clock to find solutions for others.

We have found that the majority of users who are having problems with iOS7 are experiencing them from intentional system changes made by Apple, not Life360 bugs. To keep location working properly, it is critical that you:

#1: Make sure all family members leave Life360 running in the background


If a family member “kills” Life360 by double tapping on the home button and removing the app from the tray, their location will not automatically update again until they manually restart the application.

#2 Check that everyone in your family has Background App Refresh and Location Services turned on

backgroundrefresh copy

If you or a family member turns either of these settings off, Life360 will not be able update locations.

I would like to personally assure you that stability is a top priority for Life360 and we hope to release a new, improved version to you soon.

We appreciate your patience while we work out these iOS7 kinks.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note directly at

Thank you,


31 Responses to “An important note for Life360 iOS7 users from our CEO”

  1. Wayne

    One of the unfortunate things is that when a iPhone battery completely runs down, the user must log back in with user name and password. For those with kids particularly away at college, this will be a huge hurdle.

    • life360lizz

      Hi Wayne,
      I hadn’t heard that specific thing before; I think it might be related to killing all apps when the phone shuts down, but you should still stay logged in. I’m going to talk to the team about this, thanks for the heads up!

      • Chris W

        Yes, I have the same issue. My son has to shut his phone off while in school.
        When he turns it back on after school, he is logged out and must manually log back into life360. Program completely shuts down & logs him out every time that the phone is turned off.

        He has ios7, never had to re-login with the older version. Everything worked great until the Apple update…

  2. shann3

    Hope it gets resolved soon. Husband is a trucker & this gave me reassurance. Too many go missing on the roads. I bragged about it to other spouses. 🙁 fix quickly

  3. Blogger

    It’s been a month now since this post. Will there be an update soon or should we find another service for family location. I’m going on vacation Thanksgiving and this won’t work.

    • life360lizz

      Hi there!
      We currently have at update submitted to Apple for approval, so we’re just waiting on them.

  4. Michael Nelson

    Leaving background updates on is fine but life360 has a bug that leaves the gps on continuously rather than occasionally thus limiting battery life to 2 hours.

    So to be able to use life 360 move than 2 hours turn OFF background refresh and launch manually every hour or so until they update

  5. Brooklyn0911

    You released a New Version of the App But its no difference. The Same Problems as before. 🙁

    • life360lizz

      Is everyone is your family updated, and you’re sure no one is killing the app from the task bar?

  6. life360lizz

    Hi Ed,
    Are you killing the app from the task bar? If you stop the app from running in the task bar, it won’t be able to update.

  7. Heisenberg

    Am I the only one getting notifications that the location service/background refresh is disabled, multiple times? Even though they’re not disabled nor is the app killed.

  8. Dave

    leaving the app on kills the battery. The update didn’t do a thing. How long will this take to fix. It WAS a great app. Now it’s useless. I emailed support, never got a reply.

    • life360lizz

      Hi Dave,
      Unfortunately, unless Apple changes the way the operating system functions, this is how it has to be.
      We’re trying to come up with a better solution, but don’t know if we’ll be able to make it work within Apple’s new confines.

  9. Amy Jones

    Unfortunately this is causing issues between my teenage daughter and myself. It’s driving me crazy because I cannot tell if she’s turning off the app intentionally or if it’s another issue!

    • life360lizz

      Hi Amy,
      The app works as long as it isn’t “killed” from the task bar. If it isn’t locating her, it’s because she is stopping the app by double-tapping the home button and then swiping up to stop the app from running. As long as the app is running, it will update.

      • Amy Jones

        Wow – thanks for the quick response!!! – I’d love to have an app where I could place a password on stopping the app from running. This isn’t helping my situation with my teenage daughter. For example, if she’s spending the night out and she wants to stay out past curfew, I’d like to have the comfort of knowing I can find out where she is at all times even if she’s trying to be sneaky. She’s smart enough to turn the app off. I placed a password on her location services from being turned off but the app doesn’t offer that.

  10. meye4kidz

    I am unable to add the emergency info for my daughter. It says to goo to but when I go there it has no place to put her info. I did it for mutt other kids and that’s why I can’t understand why I’m unable to do it for my other daughter who just got her phone. Please help.

    • life360lizz

      When we added Circles, it made it necessary for each user to have control over their own profile information, so if your other children have been on since before that update, it’s changed now.
      You can add her info by logging in under her email and password.

  11. AndroidUser

    Is there an update to the ios7 issue? It’s been almost 3 months. I don’t want to look for a new family locator app since Life360 was perfect, but I now have no way to see family members. Some of our family members are Android and some are iPhone. Android working perfectly, iPhone failing miserably. Please provide a status update. Thank you.

    • life360lizz

      The iOS version works as long as it is left running in the background on the phone.
      Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for the app to update if it isn’t left running.

  12. geo1606

    My adult children are so fed up with me asking them always “to please refresh Life 360” that I am going to cancel premium membership as it seems to cover only ME!

  13. Kristi

    App still not working. 🙁 Any further news on this? Our family relied heavily on this app to keep tabs on each other (particularly with a new driver in the group). Is this going to be resolved?

    • life360lizz

      Hi Kristi,
      As long as the app is left running in the background on the phone, it should work.

  14. tara

    Any idea when they will fix the apple problem? My kids keep closing the app because it drains their batteries and that was the whole point of having life 360 to see where they were and now its pretty much useless.

    • life360lizz

      Hi Tara,
      We don’t know that Apple even considers this change a problem, and we don’t know what changes they might make again in the future.

  15. DoneWaiting

    I’ve waited…now I’m going to have to cancel my premium service. Sorry that Apple changed the OS in such a way to break the app, even more sorry that a solution has not been developed.

    I would like to know what Apples’ explanation is for removing features that break apps without telling the app maker a workaround or new procedure. I sure hope it wasn’t done intentionally so that companies like AT&T can increase revenue on their family apps.

  16. Vik

    I read your letter to consumers on the website and was hoping a fix would been found by now. My family has been using this app in Michigan and I personally have recommend this app to at least 25 families at our school and also to my extended family in India in the past year or so. We all loved it till iOS 7 came out.
    Unfortunately, it still does not work. Even if you leave the app running in the back ground and refreshed and leave it open (not kill it) on the iPhone. Many of our friends since then went premium thinking that it may work then? but NOT. We deleted and re-downloaded this app multiple times thinking we might get lucky but not.
    Last step was my teenage daughter deleting it off her phone last week saying ” she used to love it and not its totally useless”
    Just wanted to let you know.


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