FDA Questions Safety of Antibacterial Soap

triclosanWhich is better for washing your hands: antibacterial soap or just regular soap and water? The Food and Drug Administration may lean to the latter, now that the agency is reviewing the safety of triclosan, an ingredient that fights bacteria. It’s included in a number of consumer products, including liquid hand soap, kitchenware, and even toys and clothing.

The Soap and Detergent Association (I can’t believe that exists), the soap industry’s trade group, argues that triclosan kills more germs than plain soap. It will be another year until the FDA makes any conclusions about the safety of triclosan, but right now, the FDA has no evidence that triclosan does anything that good ‘ol fashioned soap and water can’t. So maybe there’s no reason to shell out the extra dollar for anything labeled “antibacterial”?

Full story in the Wall Street Journal. Photo by clover_1.