As Seen on Social in October 2022

iPhone with social media folder open showing Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse, and Facebook apps.

Welcome to a new monthly series we’re calling “As Seen on Social”, where we highlight the funniest TikTok videos, trending tweets, and incredible stories from all over social media featuring our real-life Life360 members.

1. You just know that her mom is driving over there like 😅

2. Honestly, how did parents even survive the teenage years without Life360?!

3. That feeling when you open up Life360 and see someone in your Circle on the move 👀

4. No comment. 🫢

5. Okay…who’s cutting onions? 🥲

6. Friendly reminder to set up Place Alerts for all of your local food spots…

…so you can text your husband to pick you up a snack when he’s nearby 😇

7. Watching your kid drive on Life360 > Watching football 💯

8. Be honest: You know you do this, too.

9. This is why you’ve gotta keep those Life360 notifications on, people.

10. Oh it’s definitely not just you, Jennifer.

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