Anne's Writing

Preparing a first-time driver to hit the road

My daughter is in the process of getting her driver’s license. She’s my third child, so I’ve been through this before. My older two kids are boys, but there’s not really anything different about going through the driver training process with a girl. Except when I send her to the store she will know the… Read more »

Widening your circles

I’m currently on a business trip in Boston, and I’ve been using Life360 to help me stay connected to with associates. Life360 is primarily about keeping families connected, but now you can create other circles, either long-term or temporary. When I arrived at the venue from the airport, it was quick and easy to send… Read more »

Cell phones and young teens

My sons, now in their twenties, didn’t care what kind of phone they had in their early teen years. Smartphones weren’t the norm, and they weren’t big on texting. A standard flip phone fit their phone needs perfectly. It’s different now with my daughters, who are 13 and 15. Smartphones are pretty much standard issue… Read more »