Julia's Writing

Emergency, emergency!

As the mother of two kids who have medical needs via chronic, life-long conditions I feel a little smug when I tell you I know when and when not to go to the pharmacy clinic, the pediatrician, urgent care center, or the emergency room at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Our goal, because the kids are susceptible to catch… Read more »

Our Kids’ Intuition

Just as I was blogging last time about giving some freedom and in fact forcing my kids to leave the house this summer, there’s something that happened to my 12-year-old daughter that has me reassessing that freedom. Last week she was walking alone to meet her BFF at our pool, something she started doing last summer and… Read more »

Summer and Teens

Summer is here. It’s right after that season of Spring and when Spring hits, if you’re like me, a little panic sets in because you wonder if your kids are going to be sitting in the house, playing video games and listening to One Direction all Summer. No, really. Hours of One Direction music and… Read more »

Checking In for Cocktails

There’s a little known thing in Atlanta called traffic. I’m not sure, but Atlanta may or may not be ranked in the Top 10 Cities of Worst Traffic Ever. Until recently my office was one mile away from home and now it’s just down a flight of stairs at home. When I’m stuck in traffic… Read more »