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New Rules for Internet Safety and Your Kids

Lately my husband and I  have a nightly ritual of looking up our daughter’s search history and laughing over it. The searches range from Disney cruises to second grade British boys. But kids and online safety are no joking matter. The two golden rules of keeping your kids safe online have always been: Set time… Read more »

Back-to-School? What? 

It’s like summer just started and we were basking in the our goals of having more fun, keeping our kids busy and off screens, hitting vacations, and kicking our kids outside to enjoy the sunshine. Now, we’re checking and double-checking to see when the first day of school is for our kids. Well, I am… Read more »

Turn phone photos into summer memories

Judging by the aisles at Target, the back to school countdown is on and summer is winding down. Like most of you, my phone’s camera roll is full of summer memories. This year I have resolved to not let them linger there. Join me? Here are five fun ways to use your phone photos! 1…. Read more »

10 Apps for a Better Summer

It’s tempting to take a tech break during the summer. But don’t put down your smartphone just yet. Here are ten apps that will help you have a better summer! (And of course, we’ve left Life360 off this time around, but it’s a great solution for road trips, vacations, and amusement parks!) Weber’s on the… Read more »

When Life Gives You Lemons, Hit the Panic Button

As a couple with no family in town, and two kids too young to have their own devices, my husband and I use the Life360 app as more of a private communication app. Our circle is very small. Small enough that one might call us online recluses. Honestly we kind of like it that way,… Read more »

Family travel with Life360

Hi there! So pleased have an ambassadorship with Life360. Even though my career as a blogger and writer is all about technology, my personal life is rather Luddite-ish. I am not one of those people who lives and breathes apps, using one for grocery shopping and another for meal planning. Rather, I like to get in and… Read more »