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How Zhu Zhu Pets Became This Christmas's Must-Buy Toy

If you’re Christmas shopping, there’s a pretty good shot that Zhu Zhu Pets, a brand of toy hamsters, is somewhere at the top of your list. But how exactly did such a seemingly silly toy become this year’s hot item? The New York Times has the story: Buyers at Toys “R” Us were first introduced… Read more »

Could Natural Gas Drilling Poison Your Drinking Water?

Natural gas is one resource that’s getting cheaper very quickly, and is environmental friendly, at least when compared to coal. But while its effect on global warming may be less detrimental, is it endangering our drinking water? The drilling boom is raising concern in many parts of the country, and the reaction is creating political… Read more »

When Kids Learn the Truth About Santa

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and, uh, yes he does go to Iraq. Great story from The Mommy Files at the Chronicle by Amy Graff: “Where does Santa get all the toys?” my daughter asked as I was driving her to school this morning. Do your kids believe in Santa? “I think he… Read more »

Working the Kids Like Santa’s Elves

Do you think it’s bad to work my kids like Santa’s elves? I won’t make them wear little suits, but I do need them to produce some Christmas gifts this year. Sure, at school they’ll make and wrap a couple of little things for Mom and Dad that they’ll bring home and put under the… Read more »

Holiday Travel: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Among all the stressful things the holiday season brings, airplane travel might be the worst of them. Luckily, the New York Times has some fantastic tips on holiday travel. The article is a good mix of surprisingly clever advice and common-sense reminders: Map out Plan B. Figure out your next best flight options in case… Read more »

With Head Lice, Persistence not Panic Keys Treatment

It’s not actually as bad as having lice, but researching and writing this article has made my head itch for two hours. It’s also reminded me of the last time I really worried about these parasites, standing in a long hallway with my third-grade classmates, waiting for a dreaded lice-check. The woman with the blue… Read more »

Black Friday, Smart Shoppers

This year, 195 million people went shopping on Black Friday, up quite a bit from last year’s 171 million. (And just for comparison sake, the voter turnout in the 2008 presidential election was 131 million people.) But while more shoppers were working off their Thanksgiving calories by rushing to their nearest Toys “R” Us and… Read more »

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