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Where the Kid-Appropriate Things Are

The film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are opened with an impressive gross of over $30 million at the box office last weekend. But the movie’s journey from production to theaters is a widely covered tale of artistic vision pitted against commercial viability. Wild Things was set to premiere a year ago, but the… Read more »

Denigrated or Defended, Video Games Hold Educational Promise

Do you have a convincing argument about the evils of video games? Pamela Eakes of Mother’s Against Violence does. In her article posted on a PBS website examining the impact of games, she enumerates the various problems video games can cause — addiction, increased aggression, and social isolation among others — and she urges parents… Read more »

Seriously… What's in a Name?

Would a CEO by any other name be as successful? The guys who wrote Freakonomics raise a similar question in one of their recent New York Times blog post. The answer? No, they say, names don’t affect how successful or unsuccessful someone is. But the importance of names is not a point of universal agreement…. Read more »

Blogger Spotlight on Jackie Burrell

Formerly the education and family reporter and currently food editor for the Bay Area’s San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, and Oakland Tribune, Jackie Burrell is no stranger to putting her family experience into words. She’s also writing online for the Bay Area News Group’s parenting blog, aPARENTly Speaking, and’s Young Adults section…. Read more »

Road Ready Dogs: Best Pooches for a Trip

So many people can’t live without their dog, however, when it comes time to visit family during the holidays or take that much needed vacation, Fido usually gets shacked up with an acquaintance or sent to the kettle. But, says Marguerite Cimino—owner of For Paws pet store in Fairfax, California—provided your beloved pooch has the… Read more »

Blogger Spotlight on Vered Deleeuw of MomGrind

Vered Deleeuw is a blogger for hire, a term you didn’t hear much up until recently. But Deleeuw is among a burgeoning number of tech savvy writers ready to help individuals and companies find an audience on the web. She also keeps a personal blog, in which she talks about everything from blogging to Obama’s… Read more »