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Puppy mills, swine flu, and crazy things one parent says

Consider punishing your children… with love. How unhealthy are pets at your local pet store? Most parents aren’t giving their kids the H1N1 flu shot. Hazing: not just a problem for boys. And for laughs, you should follow @sh*tmydadsays on Twitter.

The Hidden Dangers of Competitive Sports

Sports are a staple of high school extracurricular activities, but are they worth the time commitment and potential dangers of injury? Writer Jonnie Wall on sports website Sportales breaks down the pros and cons of youth athletics, though most of the arguments on both sides are fairly familiar, especially on the emotional and mental tradeoffs… Read more »

Question of the Week: What to Tell your Kids about Kidnapping?

A kidnapped child: it’s every parent’s worst nightmare, and as the Jaycee Dugard case has so pointedly reminded us, it’s something that can happen. The clamor surrounding Dugard’s escape and the circumstance of her long captivity (not to mention the behavior of her abductors, Phillip and Nancy Garrido) have heightened many people’s concerns for their… Read more »

NOAA, Bill Gates and You: Ready for a Hurricane

What you’ve heard is true: Bill Gates is developing a weather control device. No need to panic yet Mac people; it’s far from ready, may be impossible, and the software mogul’s intentions—minimizing the damage and danger caused by hurricanes—seem more akin to his philanthropic tendencies than his world domination ones of years past. That said,… Read more »

El Nino, Greener Pets, and Virus Fighting Nasal Spray Vaccines

October arrival for H1N1 nasal spray vaccine. Friends making you fat? Companions’ behavior influences us heavily, scientists say. Sprinkler rule could make new homes safer, pricier. El Nino may hold ultimate responsibility for light hurricane season. Pets have carbon footprint to. How to reduce it.

Blogger Spotlight on Amy Bellgardt of Mom Spark

Amy Bellgardt is the founder and administrator of online magazine Mom Spark, a network of 17 moms who contribute advice, stories, and recipes online. She’s also worked with companies like Warner Bros., Ford, and Nestle. We caught up with Bellgardt and asked her what about blogging, social media, and why she never writes about her… Read more »

Irondads Crave Competition, Family Time

Like any high endurance sport, Ironman competitions carry certain dangers, but one risk in particular can come as a surprise: try the grueling race and you just might get addicted. That’s been the case for two Minnesota-based athletes, Brian Moynihan and Kevin Nelson, who train for the 26.2 mile run, 112 mile bike ride, and… Read more »

Overworked kids, avoiding injury, and explaining 9/11

Explaining 9/11 to a Muslim child. The myth of the overscheduled child. Firefighters now carrying oxygen masks for pets. Do parents set a poor example of driving for their kids? Yep. Avoid injury as a high school athlete.

Question of the Week: Do Guns Make us Safer?

Is it still harder to have a civil discussion about gun rights and gun control than health care reform, that trendy political third-rail? Depends where you look, but judging from a recent video on—one of the sites we follow at Life360—it’s actually possible to talk sensibly about gun ownership. This particular Momversation episode saw… Read more »