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SPF: Sun Protection Falsehoods?

In 2008, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reported that four out of five sunscreen products provided dangerously low levels of protection. The biggest issue, according to dermatologists, is the SPF rating system, which lacks any scientific standard. From the 1,000 products reviewed, a mere 143 brands were recommended. Most of these were less popular because… Read more »

Parenting Wizardry, Texting, and Butting In

NYTimes reviews three phones for young texters. Like, really young. When parents should butt into kid’s battles. Everything I know about parenting I learned from Harry Potter. (Half-Blood Prince spoiler warning!) New hurricane in town? Meet tropical storm Dave. Pilots are trying to save the lives of 5,000 unwanted pets.

What's Your Airbag IQ?

In the ’90s, airbags were scrutinized as some publicly questioned if they caused more harm than they were worth. Today, it’s widely accepted that airbags do generally make drivers and their passengers safer — the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates they saved 25,782 lives between 1987 and 2008 — but even with… Read more »

Question of the Week: Swine Flu – To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

There’s growing concern that swine flu (a.k.a. H1N1) could return with a vengeance this fall, and drug companies are scrambling to prepare a vaccine. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims there will ultimately be enough vaccine for everyone who wants it, although if initial shortages exist, pregnant women, children under 6 months, health care… Read more »

Camels Don't Store Water in Their Humps and Other Animal Myths

The animal kingdom is full of amazing creatures and surprising features. But little did you know that nature also has its fair share of lies and scandal! We’re here to dispel the most egregious animal myths. 1. Bears are slow-moving creatures Maybe at Jellystone National Park that’s the case, but everywhere else, it’s an entirely… Read more »

Rejected: Parents Friending Their Kids on Facebook

There’s a new website called Oh Crap, My Parents Joined Facebook that catalogs embarrassing messages and posts from parents who don’t quite “get” social networking. The site pays tribute to the new but frequent phenomenon of kids feeling like their privacy is invaded when parents send them a friend request. It’s an understandable sentiment. When… Read more »

Pet friendly rides, Hurricane Tracking, and Health Care

10 safest rides for your pet pal. Don’t mess with Hurricane Bill—keeping tabs on the latest storm. Who’s afraid of swine flu? Not America. Flint, MI septuagenarian running strong. Common ground remaining elusive for proposed health care reforms.