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Parks and Celebration: Photos of the Country's 13 Best National Parks

National parks are a prime destination for family vacations because they’re accessible, awe-inspiring, and inexpensive. There’s no doubt that the United States has some of the world’s greatest natural resources, and in fact, there’s much debate over which national park is the best. But trying to pick just one is like comparing apples to oranges—or… Read more »

Blogger Spotlight: Alison Rhodes

Wherever there’s danger, Alison Rhodes is there to tell you how to prevent it. Better known as “The Safety Mom,” Rhodes is a leading expert on child safety, health and wellness, and “going green.” She has made television appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America Now, ABC World News Tonight, NBC’s Open House, and CNN,… Read more »

The Bare Bones of Bear Safety

In the 1950s, the intrepid scientist Dr. Raymond Hock decided to discover once and for all if bears in fact hibernated—and thus experienced a dramatic decrease in body temp and metabolic rate—or whether they just entered a period of winter lethargy. A 1985 New York Times article reported that Hock conducted this experiment on a… Read more »

Doing More Harm than Good: 8 First Aid Myths

When I was kid and I burned my fingers on the stove, my mom slathered butter on the wound. This is just one of many household myths about first aid that can actually make things worse. Learn to be wary of any first aid advice that you can’t reason out or reminds you of something… Read more »

Travel Cheap, Ditch the Gym, and Moms who Tweet

Outside‘s 25 weekend escapes under $500. Should we get rid of summer vacation? Is yard work a good substitute for the gym? Yep. Tips on keeping pets safe in hot weather. New to Twitter? 25 moms to follow.

Get Into Scuba Diving

I think at some point, we all have the desire to make like Jacques Cousteau (or for our younger, Wes Anderson-inspired audience, Steve Zissou) and explore the depths of the ocean. But what does it take to actually go scuba diving? How much does it cost? Is it safe? I pitched these questions to Heidi… Read more »

Parental Controls

Monitoring and censoring your kids’ computer use is a decision that’s left up to parents. But parental controls aren’t just about blocking access to explicit websites. Consider enabling controls to set maximums on computer usage or, for younger users, a safeguard for internet safety. In Windows Vista and Mac OS X, you can also set… Read more »