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How Many Kids is too Many?

Big families may be all the rage on TLC, but in American life off-screen, they’ve become increasingly rare. More than that, they’ve contracted an air of stigmatization, according to a New York Times article printed earlier this year that addressed public perceptions of “large” families. Nowadays “large” seems to mean four or more kids, but… Read more »

Stolen Laptops: The Numbers Don't Lie (Except When They Do)

A recent article in LA Weekly claimed that over 12,000 laptops were stolen in U.S. airports each week. The figure came from a study conducted by the Penemon Institute, commissioned by Dell Computers. That means 600,000 laptops are stolen in a year. Doesn’t that number seem a bit high? Sure, the airport experience is stressful… Read more »

Triathlons, Flying Pets, and Where the Beef Went

Are triathlons safe? Relatively, but preparation is key. Flying with your pet just got cheaper. Officials remain cautious, even as Swine Flu cases fall. Red Cross offers trinity of hurricane readiness tips. Fresno CA beef plant sees hundreds of tons recalled.

Road Tripper: An Automotive Expert's Advice

So you’re ready for that long-awaited summer road trip? Not so fast! Before you pile in the car and rush off, there are a few things you’ll want to check about your car according to Gary Heller, owner of Lucky Service Station in downtown San Anselmo, CA. Not to worry though, most of these are… Read more »

Living Confidently: Dreaming of Everest

Countless adventurers fantasize about summiting Mt. Everest, but mountaineer Rick Wilcox saw his dream through. A climber for over 30 years, Wilcox fell in love with the prospect of monumental ascents as a boy, after seeing mountains like Everest on children’s television programs. The suburb of Middleton, Mass. where Wilcox grew up didn’t feature any… Read more »

Riding Out a Heatwave

Martha and the Vandellas described some symptoms of overheating in their 1963 hit single “Heat Wave”—burning sensation, head haze, etc.—but they didn’t explain what you can do to overcome extreme hot weather and potential heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines extreme heat as temperatures that reach 10 degrees above… Read more »

How to Say No, Naked Babies, and Harry "Alcoholic" Potter

Got preschoolers? Simple Mom has tips to make the most out of your staycation. Say “no” to your kids, without saying “no.” Is it okay to breastfeed in public? What about naked babies? Great discussion on the subject at the Washington Post‘s On Parenting blog. American Red Cross to offer Pet First Aid Training. The… Read more »