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Get Into Scuba Diving

I think at some point, we all have the desire to make like Jacques Cousteau (or for our younger, Wes Anderson-inspired audience, Steve Zissou) and explore the depths of the ocean. But what does it take to actually go scuba diving? How much does it cost? Is it safe? I pitched these questions to Heidi… Read more »

Parental Controls

Monitoring and censoring your kids’ computer use is a decision that’s left up to parents. But parental controls aren’t just about blocking access to explicit websites. Consider enabling controls to set maximums on computer usage or, for younger users, a safeguard for internet safety. In Windows Vista and Mac OS X, you can also set… Read more »

Energy Bars: Friend or Foe?

America is wild about health food, and in particular, energy bars have become an increasingly popular item among health-conscious shoppers. They’re convenient and often pitch themselves as a healthy alternative for those who don’t time to eat an entire meal. But it makes one wonder if there’s such thing as fast food that’s good for… Read more »

Road Trips, Cycling, and Shopping Carts

Mommy blogger reports on the danger shopping carts pose to kids. Going on a road trip? Why not go green? If you think football is tough, try cheerleading. Canadian baby boomers find ways to stay active. Are cyclists’ bones more breakable?

All The Wii That's "Fit" To Play

Video game critics bestowed glowing reviews to Wii Fit, Nintendo’s virtual yoga-aerobics-exercise experience, but is it really a good workout system? The New York Times ran a piece in which four different types of people tested out the game. The consensus was that while Wii Fit wasn’t for serious workouts, it was surprisingly effective as… Read more »

Be Careful of Computers — They're Heavy

Recent studies indicate that video game or chat addictions aren’t the only dangers posed to children by computers. According to an article by Jennifer Thomas of Health Day, over 9,000 children are now injured every year by computer hardware—a dramatic increase from the 1,300 kids hurt by computers in 1994. The majority of children are… Read more »

Rescue Shelter Dogs Join Rescue Teams

Searching through wreckage in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina might not sound like much fun, but it’s these kinds of scenarios that Ace—a yellow Labrador trained by the National Search Dog Foundation (SDF)—lives for. In 2005, he and his then-handler, Teresa Ortenberger of California Task Force 7, went to New Orleans, scouring the city grounds… Read more »

Top 6 Fireworks Blunders

1. Pyrrhic victory After a rare home win by the Washington Nationals, celebrations were canceled at the ballpark in Washington D.C. when post-victory fireworks debris fell on fans including a metro-area fire chief. Displays resumed because authorities predict threat of future Nationals’ wins not great enough to pose future fireworks danger. Lesson: Make sure fireworks… Read more »

Get Into Indoor Rock Climbing

I started indoor rock climbing last spring. I’m not a particularly gifted athlete, but I’ve taken a liking to the way the sport encourages you to work at your own pace. It’s a rewarding activity for those who aren’t afraid to conquer their fear of heights. What Is It? Indoor climbing imitates the experience of… Read more »