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Story: How Life360 Helped Rescue My Daughter

At Life360 we receive a lot of great stories from our users, from parents monitoring their new drivers to families staying connected while traveling across countries; the amount of different ways that people use our app has always been incredibly inspiring. Sometimes we receive more harrowing stories, ones that include locating drivers from accidents or… Read more »

Life360 Extends Security Beyond the Home with ADT Go

Chris Hulls, CEO & Co-Founder of Life360, the world’s leading location and driving safety service for families For the last decade, the handheld computers we carry with us everywhere have drastically improved our lives — from transporting us where we need to go, allowing us to see a doctor digitally, managing our bank accounts and… Read more »

Looking Back on a Great Year

  Thank you for trusting us with your family’s safety. As the year comes to an end, we find ourselves reflecting on all of the things that we accomplished to help shape a great 2017; we hope that your’s was just as memorable for you and your loved ones too. This year we were honored… Read more »

Life360 Safety Tips for Halloween

It’s almost our favorite holiday of the year at the Life360 office: Halloween! From costumes to candy and pumpkin spiced lattes to spooky decorations, we pull out all the stops. We know how fun this time of year can be, but we also know the worries that come from letting your family have their freedom… Read more »

Life360 Launches Beta Notifications Skill for Amazon Alexa

  Starting today, users can now receive family location notifications through their Alexa-enabled devices. Our newly launched skill for Alexa (beta) is among the first to offer opt-in notifications for Alexa, enabling families to ask for real-time updates sharing loved ones’ whereabouts and to receive alerts that family members have arrived or departed designated places… Read more »

How Will iOS 11 Affect My Life360 App?

  Apple’s new iOS11 comes with new features and changes. Some of these changes will directly affect Life360, and we’ve been working for months to ensure that everything works seamlessly when you and your family update your devices. That being said, we’ve written down a couple of key things that you should know regarding the… Read more »

Location Safety In Case of an Emergency

  This month we saw the devastation that occurred in many parts of the world brought on by natural disasters: Hurricane Harvey and Irma in the US, floods in South Asia, and the recent earthquake in Mexico. They all contributed to very dangerous situations for local residents. While there is nothing worse than a family… Read more »

How Life360 is helping families affected by Hurricane Harvey

  The number of people in Texas who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey this week is overwhelming, and our team’s thoughts are with all of the affected families.   After seeing the destruction the storm has caused, our team immediately began discussing “how can we help?” Thousands of families in the greater Houston area… Read more »