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#FavePlace360 Instagram Contest

Back in December we launched a new feature called Places, which I happen to think is one of the coolest features we’ve added yet. Basically, what Places do is allow you to pre-define a location on the map to automatically check your family members in and out when they leave that location. You can set… Read more »

Meet the Team – Shane

Name and official job title: Shane, QA Engineer How long have you been here? 3 months What does that job mean/do? I test the app for problems before it’s released to make sure it works perfectly before use What would you do for a living if not this, and if money was no object? I would… Read more »

Meet the Team – Jason

Name and official job title: Jason Jardim, Lead iOS Developer How long have you been here? 2 1/2 Years What’s your favorite part about this gig? The best part of the job is hearing my friends with older kids tell me how much they love using the app. I hear it all the time, and… Read more »

Meet the Team – Lizz

Since I started at Life360, we have very nearly doubled in size… when I say that, I mean in users (thank YOU!) and our team! We have new faces in the office on a regular basis, and we’re working hard to keep up with the demands of our fabulous user base. Because we have so… Read more »

My Son, My Choice

I’m so excited to be hosting our first dad blogger, Chris, who writes at From the Bungalow. I got an email a while back, from another dad, asking if we could please include more dads points of view on the blog, and I’m so happy that Chris took the time to reach out to me… Read more »

Teaching Bravery

There are certain things we can’t teach our kids. There are a lot of things we can only hope they figure out once placed in the right set of circumstances. Bravery is one of those things. My 8 year old (who just turned 8 this week) daughter has always been a little on the introverted… Read more »

The Mommy Wars and Why I Don’t Care Anymore

There has been a lot of talk lately over a women’s role in the home and in the work place, thanks in part to the new book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I haven’t read it yet, but have read many articles and reviews of people who both love and hate it. Once again the… Read more »

Shame at the Dentist

Stephanie from Talking is My Primary Function shares with us the story of her kids’ and the dentist… it’s not all cartoons and prize trunks! Today my sons took their stuffed animals to the dentist which was located in the darkest corner of my closet. The symbolism was not lost on me. It was so great… Read more »

A First Best Friend

The lovely Amiyrah of 4 Hats and Frugal is sharing this post and her sweet photo with us today, on how important best friends are, and that as parents, we are our child’s first one. From as young as we can remember, we’ve all had best friends. Ones that we’ve had for years, and some… Read more »

A Note from Life360 CEO, Chris Hulls

Background: This post is written by Life360’s cofounder and CEO, Chris Hulls. His primary focus is on setting the direction for the Life360 product, and he is joining us today to give our users some insight into how Life360 makes decisions, and more importantly, when to expect new features in the app. If you’ve spent… Read more »