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4 Apps to WOW your Instagram Photos

Love Instagram? Do you often get frustrated when you take a beautiful picture, and can only fit in a fraction of the picture in your Instagram post? Have you seen those great pics where people created a matrix of several pictures, complete with caption? Wish there were more options? Here are 4 super fun Instagram… Read more »

The Amazing Race

My daughter’s favorite TV show is the Amazing Race. She loves how the contestants go to faraway places to compete in local challenges in an attempt to win a million dollars. She would love to be on the show one day and already has one of her best friends lined up to partner up with… Read more »

Using my smart watch to keep tabs on family.

Having not worn a watch for many years, wearing the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch took some getting used to. But now it’s indispensable. Yes, I can check the time, be alerted of incoming texts, take and make phone calls on it, and even take pictures and video on it. But recently, one app has become… Read more »