Back to School Safety Tips

It’s so hard to believe that back to school is already in full swing! As families all over the world are getting back into a routine, it’s such an important time to remember these back to school tips.

As a mom of two teens, I’m still in shock about how fast they’ve grown up. Now that they’re becoming more active and independent, I’m having to learn how to adjust better myself. They no longer are asking me to take them to the mall shopping but instead are now asking me if they can catch a ride with their friends or go out and about on their own. And while I’m not quite ready for them to be this grown-up, I do have to face the reality that it’s happening.

There’s no denying that I’m always going to do everything that I can to protect my babies, no matter how old they get. Even though they might not always be with me, there are things that I can do to make certain that they’re being as safe as possible.

With just a few simple tips for safety and peace of mind from the start, you can be certain that everyone in your family will have the best back to school experience.

Parents of new teenage drivers, just breath

Do you have a driver in your house this year? In just a few short months, my older daughter will be driving! Take a deep breath, moms and dads.

Thankfully, Life360 lets you can keep an eye on your new teenage driver. It’s just such great peace of mind knowing that you can check in on if your teen is driving responsibly at any point in time.

One other great feature Life360 provides is that it also can make certain your teen driver has roadside protection with them all the time. This means that when they’re driving down the road, help is always just a phone call away.

Practice safe driving with your teen even on the weekends

Even though your teen driver may drive to and from school every single day, asking for the keys on the weekend is a little bit different. And while you might trust them 100%, it’s still okay for you to check-in and see how their driving stats look.

Wondering what driving stats are? Life360 has Driver Report, which is a simple little grading scale to show you just how well your driver does during the day. Reports show you distracted driving behaviors like texting and driving, rapid acceleration, hard braking and more. If they get a passing grade, your reservations about them taking the car out for a spin are gone!

Stay organized with schedules and keep everyone in the loop

Life360 has really thought of it all to help you and your busy family stay organized throughout the school year. Instead of having to ask your kids over and over again where they are going or what their plans are after school, just have the Place Notifications active and ready to view. Cross-country or cheer practice after school?

No worries. Hanging out with a best friend at the mall? Sounds good. As long as you know where everyone is going to be, you can relax a bit because that also means that everyone is safe as well. Knowing where everyone is and being kept up to date on their whereabouts is just one less thing that busy parents have to worry about.

No need to ask for directions

Having younger kids means that you’re going to be playing taxi for a few more years. And let’s be honest, it’s really tiring asking for directions to “so and so’s” house all the time! But with the One Tap Directions option from Life360, you can simply click a person’s avatar in your trusted circle and you’ll know exactly where to go.

Making certain that you and the kids are safer during this busy school year is so much easier than ever before. I know that every time my girls leave the house, whether on the school bus or in the car, the Life360 app is helps me know my children are safe.

It’s a great way to give them the independence that they crave, while still ensuring that they’re being safe.

Winona R. is the author of Life Family & Fun, a national blog focusing on parenting teens, Food, Home & DIY, Lifestyle and Family Travel. She has been ranked Top 10 Atlanta Parenting Blogs. She loves to inspire families to travel more, enjoy more mealtimes together, have fun, and enjoy life fully. Winona and her husband have four children and four grandchildren.

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