Back-to-School? What? 

life360It’s like summer just started and we were basking in the our goals of having more fun, keeping our kids busy and off screens, hitting vacations, and kicking our kids outside to enjoy the sunshine. Now, we’re checking and double-checking to see when the first day of school is for our kids. Well, I am checking anyway.
I’m in Georgia and we start school before the tail end of summer. I am not telling you a story! We typically go back the second week in August. I know, I know, we get out of school in May but we go back to school when community pools are still open. I was thinking about all the things I had to do to get the kids ready for school. More importantly, I was thinking about what I have to do to get them (and myself) ready for school!
  • Back up bedtime. A week before back up bedtime and wake time. I know I am not too jazzed about getting up at 5:45 so we’re going to ease into it. Start 8:30 and back it up slowly over the week.
  • Rotate the clothes… see which pieces fit, clean out what doest fit, and shop a couple of thrift stores for some mix and match pieces or buy at full price at an expensive mall and send them to a thrift store next year.
  • Get a backpack. My son uses a huge backpack meant for swimmers because he apparently does not believe in using a locker at school and he will use last year’s but the girl needs a new one. So, get a great, not expensive backpack. Which I am sure I will order from online after much searching for coupon codes for a new one. Better yet, check RetailMeNot when you buy anything online, ever.
  • Be flexible, within your routine. We’re a family of routine. Well, myself and my son thrive in routine, so I make the entire family think they need a routine. We really work hard the first week of school carving out a routine for us including all we have to do, with a little flexibility in there so we don’t make ourselves feel too structured we can’t enjoy something that comes along after school because we’re tied to homework between 3:45 – 5:00.
  • Get those supplies. I used to get the kids’ supplies on my own but for the past few years, I’ve made the kids go with me. No reason why they can enjoy running all over, in the heat of summer, to find supplies are on backorder.
  • Relax. Don’t freakout or be tense about the first day of school because kids are really intuitive and play off of our emotions.
  • Be the parent who takes THOSE photos. I regret not taking the same positioned photos each year with my kids on their first day of school. If you’re kids are still little, start that. My teenagers look at with nothing but serious annoyance when I pull out the “real” camera, and just mild annoyance when I pull out the phone camera.
  • Bring your teacher a treat. A note to wish them luck this year and to thank them for being a teacher? A little fruit and yogurt? A Starbucks gift card?
  • Bring a good attitude. I’ve found this extremely helpful.
I hope you have until after Labor Day for the first day of school. Either way, I hope you have a smooth transition back into reality. Let’s all take a deep breath..we can do it, together.

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