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For many of us February isn’t just the months of hearts and candy. It’s also the month of cleats and baseball gloves. That’s right, Little Leagues across the country are getting the early part of their season underway in the way of weekly practices and uniform purchases and field prep.

Yay Baseball!

Yes, this does also mean that we enter into one of the busiest parts of the year for our family with games and practices. Our calendar suddenly becomes filled with even more activities. But I’ll tell you a secret, I love baseball season. There is nothing like the feel of spring in the air, the sun on your face and the smell of hot dogs from the snack shack…

Not that there aren’t downfalls to the Little League season. Especially when it starts in February. Cold weather, annoyed and tired younger siblings, and uncomfortable seating are just a few drawbacks… but there are things you can do to alleviate those things for the pre-season and once your official season starts.

Here are a few tips for making the most of baseball season. In the trunk of your car you should have at least a few of the following items stashed away at all times.

  1. Lawn Chairs – Baseball seating can be cool, sometimes, for about five minutes. But for the most part it’s pretty uncomfortable. Bring a chair for you, any sibling in tow and your spouse. Keep them in your care and you’ll be thankful for having them all season long.
  2. Balls, Sand Toys, Coloring Books – If you have another child tagging along to practices and games make sure there is a nice stock of things to do and play in the car at all times. Keeping the younger ones busy during games and practices can be hard, and it’s a LONG way to June…
  3. Blankets & Jackets – No matter what part of the country you live in, it’s still winter. And there are going to be cold practices and games from here until spring (and maybe even one or two after). An extra blanket or two in the car can be the difference between shivering and freezing to death for 2.5 hours or NOT.
  4. Sunblock & Hats – The time will come when the cold practices turn into warm and hot spring days with the sun blaring down on you, your ball player and everyone else. Keep sunblock and hats on hand at all times to keep you and your family safe from the classic ballpark burn.
  5. Snacks & Drinks – The snack shack can get expensive and your little slugger will get hungry. Keep easy things on hand, crackers, water, sunflowers seeds, carrots, oranges, whatever healthy food you can hold onto will help keep you and your ballplayer from starving during those long afternoons at the ball park.
  6. There’s An App for That – Keep your phone handy and encourage everyone on your team to use iCal or even better something like Team Snap. A GREAT site and app that keeps track of practices, games, who’s turn it is to bring snack and everyone’s contact info. Baseball season can be chaotic, but with TeamSnap you can stay organized and on top of it all.
  7. Don’t forget your camera! Really? Do I need to explain how many picture moments there are during the baseball season??

10 Responses to “Baseball”

  1. @GallowayLeslie

    We missed T-ball signups and are doing soccer again this spring, but your list of things to keep in the trunk is perfect. We bought a folding chair set that has an umbrella built in, and I always keep bottled water, because we forget to grab one all the time. There's no room left for groceries when I go to the store! 🙂

  2. Cindi

    Our two sons and three years apart in age! When they both played in Little League and then on
    traveling times, my husband and I were always headed in different directions…Baseball did give
    them a wonderful discipline in their exercise, eating and respect towards others.
    What a great; although, busy time it was in our lives.
    Thanks, Cindi

  3. Ann

    Ah, little league. My sister and I played softball for years and years. My poor parents!

    But I loved it and ended up playing all the way through high school and college. Now my sister's kids play soccer instead of little league, so while some of the same tips apply, it's just not the same (and it's in the rainy season, too).

  4. Ann W

    I agree with your first tip: a good chair! Those fold up camping chairs are everywhere these days, and they're so easy to leave in the car, and they sure do make a better experience.

    After soccer's turned into a great opportunity for my extended family to get together and go out to dinner (or to someone's house for dinner) so that's been an unexpected bonus.

    Oh, and while the weather's still cold, bring tissues! My nose is always running when I'm out there in the weather!

  5. lexiquin

    My son is in 8th grade and has played since T-Ball. Living in Oregon, we sometimes have trouble predicting the weather (not to mention being comfortable in the elements). I hadn't heard of iCal or Team Snap before I read your article today. Thanks for all the great info! Enjoy the season 😉

  6. Vanessa S.

    My family likes baseball and I can relate to needing many of those items at the ballpark! Great times with friends and family.

  7. Phil

    I know of parents who take their kids baseball games WAY too seriously. As in yelling at coaches, at other parents and at every kid they see, so I would suggest adding to this list to bring some respect lol.


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