Be Careful of Computers — They're Heavy

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Recent studies indicate that video game or chat addictions aren’t the only dangers posed to children by computers. According to an article by Jennifer Thomas of Health Day, over 9,000 children are now injured every year by computer hardware—a dramatic increase from the 1,300 kids hurt by computers in 1994.

The majority of children are under the age of five, and most of their injuries resulted from tripping over computer chords or toppling monitors and other large computer components. While many of the injuries are not very serious—and their prevalence has decreased from a peak of 10,000 injuries a few years ago thanks to flat screens and other lighter technology—some youngsters have suffered damage to their heads.

While the dangers are real, you don’t have to be a luddite to keep your kids safe. Experts suggest a few simple steps to keeping your children safe in the presence of household technology, especially computers:

  1. Make rooms with chords and any precarious equipment off limits for very young children
  2. Ensure all computers and other equipment are on a flat, broad surface
  3. Anchor heavy computer electrical components to a wall
  4. Keep chords neat and out of the way to prevent tripping
  5. Put safety plugs in unused sockets