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Bill O'Reilly Says Single Parenting is Destructive to Society

So there’s a film coming out called The Switch, wherein Jennifer Aniston is a single woman seeking a sperm donor. It doesn’t look very good (even though I adore Jason Bateman), but Bill O’Reilly has issues with the concept for other reasons. “[Jennifer Aniston] is throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey you don’t need a guy. You don’t need a dad,’” he said. “That is destructive to our society.”

In not so many words, O’Reilly just said single parenting is “destructive to our society.” I find that incredibly offensive. I mean, sure, O’Reilly says controversial things every night on The O’Reilly Factor, but to take on the entire idea that a mother — or father for that matter — might raise a child by themselves?

I don’t think O’Reilly is only calling out single parents who choose to be single. Even still, I think O’Reilly is running his mouth off again. What a nut.

From Strollerderby.

62 Responses to “Bill O'Reilly Says Single Parenting is Destructive to Society”

  1. victor

    It is destructive to be a single parent, specially by choice. Not too long ago single mothers were not accepted in society since kids should come from a married couple. Then we accepted not married couples to have kids, as long as they were together. Now being a single parent by choice is almost an honor. Already happening homosexuals renting women to have their kids, and in the very near future homosexual married parents. Is that "evolution"? No, that's destruction, abomination.
    BTW, I'm the kid of a single parent, and I have kids as a single parent, but I still believe kids must have a dad and a mom, not two dads or moms.

  2. Martha

    I am a feminist, and a single mom. I cannot stand Bill O'Reilly. But I am also a firm believer that children need two parents. It seems that single moms are often portrayed in financial terms. Or you hear about how children need a father to support them. While parenting can certainly be financially burdensome, parenting is a partnership. It takes two people to make a baby and it takes two people to raise said baby. Parenting is exhausting and you need a break. And while daycares or nannies are one option for care, they don't replace having a second loving parent. While I don't like his attitude, or his admonition of Anniston, I agree with O'Reilly. Kids need two parents and fathers are just as important as mothers.

  3. Andrew

    The most ridiculous aspect of Bill's statement is that he's unable to tell the difference between a mature adult making an informed decision about childbirth, and kids who have no business having sex (though we all know, sadly, that many are). Next is his use of the term "our society" as if we were one homogenous group, thinking and believing one (his) way, and sharing a common morality. We aren't. We are a nation that claims to be proud of our diversity, which includes Bill, who's particular form of diversity is to scream bloody murder every time someone doesn't fit his idea of what they should be.

    Marriage is not part of human nature, but a construct of civilization. Some folks are able to raise children outside of marriage, with or without a partner, with the support of an extended family or network of friends. Many single parents, as well as m/m or f/f couples, are providing better homes and more love to their children than many m/f couples. The concept that there is only one formula for successfully raising children is finally being shown as outdated and absurd. The real danger to society is the eagerness to judge and exclude those who are different.

  4. Fritter

    It's destructive for children to be in a two parent home where the parents hate one another also. Somehow- I managed to pick a spouse and have a relationship opposite of what my parents have…but boy was it miserable growing up where all they did was fight.

  5. Suzy

    A woman can raise a child with OR without a man. Women are strong and if they feel like they can raise a child by themselves, I say go for it. I think Bill O Reilly is an old man… An old fashioned man also, who feels that every family should have a nice mommy and daddy that got married before having sex and live in a quaint little house with a white picket fence ect… Which is fine and dandy and all, but today life isn't so simple. I feel that anyone can raise children as long as there is love and financial support for that child. It doesn't matter if it's a gay couple, one single parent either mom or dad, or grandma and grandpa, who cares as long as there is love and support! You could have a mom and a dad but live in a violent home while the single parent mother is raising her child alone and he/she turns out way better. It depends on the situation. I think he's just old fashioned and OLD. =] lol Get with the times Bill O.

  6. Jennifer Calabro

    Ridiculous! Of course, the ideal situation is that two loving parents are raising the child, but just because a parent is raising their child alone does not mean that it is destructive for either the child or society. it's the quality of parenting that is in question. I believe that the issue should be lax parenting and not single parenting. Too many parents do not take an acive role in raising their kids and that is what is causing harm. If a child has a parent, or parents, that love, nurture, and teach them right from wrong, THAT is what matters.

  7. Dee C

    I think if you can afford to have children, and want them you should, single or not! Also
    many moms and dads whom lost their spouses in wars, or accidents, health problems or divorce have raised
    children by themselves for years! Also why is it Mr. Bill O Rielly ok for two SINGLE gay men to have children or lesbian’s to have children, why is this ok…they too are really NOT MARRIED!

  8. Betty N

    Of course, a single parent can do a good job of raising their children. It is more difficult because all the weight of raising them is on one person instead of two and often there are financial hardships at the same time. There are a couple of things in our community to help the single parent such as Mothers Helping Mothers and Nurturing Dads.

  9. Bev

    This is a perfect example of a sound-byte taken completely out of context. O'Reilly takes issue with women (and men) who deliberately seek out single parenthood. He's not pointing a finger at the mothers whose men left them high & dry. I'm sure he respects them for trying to do what's best for their children. I happen to agree with O'Reilly that it's terribly selfish & cruel for someone to intentionally deny a child a mother & father from the beginning.

  10. Benita

    Isn't love what's important? And being a role model? And giving support? Surely two such parents is preferable. But I do believe one is acceptable if all support systems are in place. Maybe there are grandparents, extended families, good friends, and perhaps even a father one day.


  11. Kim Smith

    Destructive..strong description. But I can say that the more divorce becomes common the more I see children with emotional and behavioral problems. I have also witnessed first hand divorced parents competing as to who is the better parent. Buying the child. Everyday being a special day for this child because of shuffling from one home to the next. Very unrealistic for the child. Or even worse, one parent playing the child against the other. I have seen this behavior so much it digusts me. And it only takes one parent. The other is made to be a bad guy if they try to raise their children with some normality and rules.
    I feel that a female and male perspective in parenting gives a child a more rounded grasp on life. It may not make or break a good upbringing. A good example is a college education. We all have to take classes that do not pertain to the degree we are seeking but those electives broaden our knowledge and creates options as to how we think and make decisions. If we only take classes in our field. We can still perform our duties in that career, and maybe quit well, but we lose a great deal of wisdom and insight that we would not have had otherwise, thanks to those other points of view.

  12. addrienne mertens

    i believe that, my daughter's father wasnt around now shes searching for a co-dependant all the time, i cant be alone syndrome
    and my son had his father and i around his whole life and hes very independent..children need equal time with male and female parents to be balanced.

  13. tesashel

    I'm a single mom, and I sorta agree – so BILL – find me a man who doesn't cheat, makes an honest living, is willing to spend quality time with the kids, helps clean up after himself and around the house, doesn't do drugs, isn't an alcoholic, doesn't look like my Uncle Bubba, etc., etc… (It's a very long list) and I'll marry him.

  14. hickcrazy1

    I think Bill O'Reilly is destructive to society with his biases and opinionated pronouncements. Two parents are the ideal to be sure, but because the majority of single parent families are headed by women trying to do their best for their children, I get a wee smack of prejudice about women in his remarks. Two parents are not the ideal when one of them is a drunk, doper, gambler or abusive or careless about providing for a family. As for becoming a single parent by choice; that takes a lot of courage and dedication, to say nothing of time and money, and I am sure the concept of two parent child-rearing is thought over carefully by those voluntary single parents.

  15. clc408

    What matters is that a child feels love and acceptance and is well cared for. I've seen children raised beautifully by single parents, badly by two parent families and vice versa. Sometimes, in abusive situations, the decision to become a single parent can significantly improve the situation. I don't know how someone like Bill O'Reilly can make such a ridiculous blanket statement.

  16. mike

    I also agree with Bill. Not so much that being a single parent is damaging, but its less than ideal. Ideally a child will have a mom and a dad, worst case scenario a child is raised by nobody (or siblings or wolves or whatever). Anything in between, including 1 parent or same sex parents is damaging to the child in the sense that the child could 'do better.'

  17. Suzanne K

    Well, as a single parent, I KNOW it would be easier if I had a partner, but I don't. So, I try to do everything I can to balance my child's life and do the best I can.

    What about widows and widowers with kids? Is he condemning them as well? That's not a choice they've made, but again, I think it's more quality of parenting than number of parents that is really important!

    I know a number of 2 parent families that shouldn't have kids.. again quality of parents, not number!

  18. @NncySF

    Better off with 2 parents who love and respect their kids – but to say it's not possible to have a loving supportive family with only 1 parent is simply not true

  19. mangomerle

    That is such a ridiculous blanket statement. It is just dripping with misogyny as well as his usual race, gender, and economic privilege. How many parents a child has does not make or break a good upbringing. I personally know 2 individuals who have voluntarily become single parents and raised beautiful, well-adjusted children. It takes no more or less of a support network of others to raise children singly than it does as a 2-person team.

  20. chelseyhall

    If we are going to raise and issue or discuss an issue that has been brought up, we need to make certain that it is portrayed accurately and in context. Bill has issue with those choosing to be a single parent; not those who "end up" in that position because of circumstances that put them there (ie widowed, divorced).

    The blessing of children was meant first and foremost to be shared by a husband and wife together. It is a balance. In order to be a single parent (outside of being widowed or divorced) you have to either have sex outside of marriage, or be artificially methods – both of these things go against Scripture, thereby against God, there by unnatural, thereby a determent to society.

  21. Susan Smith

    I think it's better to have a child raised in a two parent family but sometimes life doesn't always go the way you planned it. If a women is single has the financially means to support a child I think she should be able to have child on her own.

  22. latishajean

    I do not agree I think everyone is different and it would be harder but can be done. I know it would be financially harder but you should not cut people done you do not know!

  23. heather c

    I think to encourage single women to have children willy-nilly is not a good thing. Jennifer Aniston has enough money to pay for others to help her out. Does the average woman? No. If you look at the statistics, poverty rates are highest for families headed by single women. Does Bill use that as his basis for this statement? Who knows? However, if more women listen to Jennifer and have kids alone, then doesn't that mean that these women are making a choice to perhaps live in poverty? That IS destructive to society, imho. He says it in a dramatic way, but that's his shtick.

  24. hammielover1

    Unfortunately single parenting seems to be the backbone of society. No, I do not agree with Bill O'Reilly.

  25. Sarah L

    Shades of Dan Quayle… I think to raise kids you need love and a good support network. There are more non-traditional families in this country today than there are traditional ones. Both kinds can raise kids well and both can mess things up. I do not think either way is superior.

  26. ashley

    i truly disagree-i think that parents trying to keep it together "for the kids" is more destructable to society-these kids end up growing up in a potentially hostile and violent environment that can stay with them for their whole lives. This can permanently affect they way they carry themselves in society and how they operate and what they view as normal.

  27. Telisha

    Here, I agree with Bill. Children need a mother and a father. When this balance is upheaved, everything else will follow. Not to say that a person cannot raise a perfectly healthy and well rounded child as a single parent. But…it is harder….much harder, and not everyone will succeed. Not enough parental influence is why we have so many children dead or in prison, or on drugs. Do your child a favor, give him 2 loving parents.

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