Bizziemommy Stephanie Elie Talks Blogging, Gadgets, and Safe Tech

bs_bizzieBlogger Stephanie Elie’s family keeps her busy, as does the online store she manages, but she still finds time to write on her blog devoted to technology and parenting, appropriately called Bizzie Mommy. Life360 caught up with her recently to discuss mommy blogging, tech that make kids safer, and the gadget she wants most for 2010.

Have you always been tech savvy? What prompted your interest in and involvement with the digital world?

I have always had an interest in technology; I’ve been working with online media for over ten years in a variety of rolls from web design to management.  I initially starting blogging to increase awareness of my online baby boutique and quickly fell in love with blogging. I now maintain my store, store blog, and my personal blog, Bizzie Mommy.

I imagine you need a real passion for tech to create and maintain a blog about it. What makes the digital world so important for you, and what benefits do you hope moms and others take away from your site?

Technology changes every day and that’s one of things I love about the digital world, there is always something new and better coming out. I love writing about products and organizations that benefit moms in some way, whether it’s an iPhone app that will help them keep track of diaper changes and feedings or if it’s a great new tool for moms to use to show of pictures of their kids.

Where do you find the time and energy to raise two toddlers and write?

I get asked this question ALL the time and the short answer is, “I have no idea!” Honestly, I do most of my writing at night while the kids are sleeping. I will test out products with the kids when I’m asked to do reviews.  I love to involve them whenever I can.

Many of our readers are interested in child safety—are there any recent (or not so recent) tech products or services that effectively help keep kids safe?

Actually yes, there is a new website that I think will benefit parents and their children. The site helps your keep track of dosage schedules for yourself and your children. I know whenever our children are sick it usually means that we are extremely sleep deprived. Which mean at 3 a.m. we have trouble remember the last time we administered a dose of medicine. Remember My Pill can send you a reminder voicemail, email, or text message, letting you know it’s time for another dose.

Changing gears a bit, is there any piece of technology you just dying to get for?

The new iPad looks interesting.  But right now I’m really just looking to upgrade my computer. I’m hoping to find a laptop that is light weight but is powerful enough to edit photography and videos. I’m also looking for a microphone that can plug into my iPhone for live interviewing.
As a mom and/or a blogger, what device will best help you navigate 2010?

My two must-have devices are my laptop and iPhone. With the iPhone, I can easily update my blog, post a tweet, or update my status on Facebook and whrrl a new story.

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