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Five-Year-Old Sells Art on Etsy to Cover Chemo Treatment

In September, five-year-old Aidan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the treatment for which, chemo, was too expensive for his family to afford. So Aidan and his family raised money in a brilliant but unconventional way: selling the five-year-old’s artwork on Etsy.

Aidan’s Monsters, which features all original artwork of creatures from Aidan’s imagination, raised enough money to afford the chemo treatment. And all the extra proceeds will go to future medical care.

Totally heartwarming. Check out Aidan’s website for more info!

From Strollerderby.

22 Responses to “Five-Year-Old Sells Art on Etsy to Cover Chemo Treatment”

  1. karla

    That could inspired anyone, is the family stay together anything can happen this is I think a great lesson than no matter what happen we can find the way to get through the problem and wins. This boy don't give up and fight for his life with his talent, Totally amazing!"

  2. won

    Godspeed, Aidan.

    I'm sorry the family has to be concerned with financial issues when the issue of Aidan's health is so much larger right now. I wish I was a multi millionaire.

  3. Abby

    Oh my gosh that is so nice. I am glad people out there are supportive. But I must say, Aidan sure has talent! I hope he gets better soon. Good to know that Etsy is of help to people in need.

  4. Winter

    That is an absolutely beautiful story. As an artist, I greatly respect what he did, and I had known about him selling his art I would've surely bought as much as I could. Thankfully he raised enough money for his treatment but I know that God will lend His hands and make sure this little boy is well taken care of. I wish him nothing but a very long and healthy life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Denise Collins

    What an inspiring story and an amazing child. It's a good reminder that as hard as I think my life can be sometimes there is always someone out there that has a tougher time. He has a great attitude.

  6. Ali Jameel

    That's cute, and I am glad they were able to cover the costs.

    But how come they had to resort to this anyway? Something has to be done in situations like this, where a child will die without treatment.

  7. Deborah Wellenstein

    I hope they are able to raise enough money. I think it's a shame that families have to resort to such measures jus to get treatment for their child. If we lived in a truly compassionate society, these poor people wouldn't have to worry about such things.

  8. Charity S.

    What a wonderful story. It made me appreciate having a healthy child, and to stop sweating the small stuff.

  9. Justine Pierson

    I think this is so great but seriously doesn't anyone think how ridiculous this is considering we live in america? It's disgusting that our own citizens are not taken care of, myself included. I have always worked but I haven't had insurance for a couple of decades, but our country can sure help people elsewhere! All families should not have to concern themselves with money when someone's life is at stake, it's sad ๐Ÿ™

  10. kelly handlovitch

    this is so sad but it does make you think about how much we complain about trivial thingas.

  11. Jolynn R.

    This is a Great idea to earn money, for a great cause. I think it's good for him to know, and be involved more in helping to get his treatments He should be proud of himself. A good attitude helps people with their health. Knowing all the people that are wanting to help, should be a Great thing for this boy & family. Good Luck!


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