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Camels Don't Store Water in Their Humps and Other Animal Myths

The animal kingdom is full of amazing creatures and surprising features. But little did you know that nature also has its fair share of lies and scandal! We’re here to dispel the most egregious animal myths.

What're you looking at?

What're you looking at?

1. Bears are slow-moving creatures
Maybe at Jellystone National Park that’s the case, but everywhere else, it’s an entirely different story. Actually, bears just might not be a fan of the Baldwin brothers.

2. Ostriches bury their head in the sand
Ostriches never feel shame.

3. Camels store water in their humps
Camels can go longer without dehydrating because of their unique red blood cells, which are ovular instead of round. The hump is actually a giant mound of fat, and frankly it’s quite rude to draw attention to it.

4. Rattlesnakes rattle before they bite
Why would an animal warn its prey before attacking?

5. Birds’ stomachs explode after eating rice
Well, that only happens with fried rice from that MSG-laden Chinese restaurant down the street.

6. Elephants have thick skin
Aside from their rears — which can be two to three centimeters thick — elephants are very sensitive. So be careful of what you say!

7. Hippos are clumsy and lazy
Despite being one of the heaviest land mammals, hippos can run at up to 30 mph. In fact, they’re considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

8. Lemmings are suicidal
This myth was culled into our consciousness by a 1958 documentary that showed lemmings leaping off a cliff. It was later proved that the scene was staged. This film won an Academy Award. That’s not a joke.


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