Can Life360 See Your Texts?

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Can Life360 see text messages? It’s a good question with a straightforward answer. No. The popular location-sharing app has no access to your text messages, phone activity, or other apps. This information is unnecessary for the app’s purpose, so you can feel confident that your text messages remain confidential while using Life360 as a locator app for family and friends.

Life360 offers peace of mind. It’s used to see where your loved ones are and can notify you if something goes wrong when someone is away from home. The app cannot access your outside texts, share them with anyone, or track you without your permission.

Curious about what benefits Life360 offers? Register online and take a look. It’s a popular option for keeping up with friends and family who are on the go.

What Can You See on Life360?

Life360 is an excellent location safety app. Within the app, users are able to see their Circle member’s locations, phone battery life, ETAs, driving speed, location history, miles driven, and more. Life360 does not have access to data or information of user’s other app activity outside of Life360.

Is Life360 Able to See Text Messages?

Many people place a high priority on safety and privacy. Perhaps this leads you to wonder: can Life360 read texts? We are happy to inform you that the answer to this question is no. The only direct messages the app can see are those within the messaging tool of the app. This family safety app never sees any texts sent outside of it, as it is not a parental control app.

While it can’t see texts, the messaging feature makes it easy to message people in your Circle. In addition, those using the paid version of Life360 can choose to receive notifications when a member of your Circle is using their device while driving.

Life360 has been advertised as offering “texting while driving” notifications, which has made some people concerned that the app can watch your text messages. This is not accurate. It only tracks using a device while driving. The app cannot see whether you are texting or sharing that information.

Want to share your location in case of an emergency? Life360 is here to help.

What Is Life360 Used For?

Life360 is a mobile app that offers family location safety services. It can be downloaded and used for free on iOS and Android. Those requiring additional features can sign up for our paid account options. Some of the app’s top features include driving and location safety tracking, which run in the background of your phone.

Life360 can help track lost or stolen devices with features like locator and device tracking with Tile Bluetooth trackers. You can also follow other people in your Circle to see what route they are going, where they tend to go, and the location they are currently at.

Paying for the app also alerts your Circle if you text while driving. In addition, users can send out emergency texts to the members of their Circle. This gives them quick GPS coordinates if you’re in danger or need assistance in an emergency.

The Perfect Addition to Your Family Safety Plan

When you want to make sure your kids are safe, Life360 makes that process much more manageable. One app can chase all your worries away so you can focus on other things. If you’re curious about how the app works, download it today and see how the features streamline your everyday life.

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