Spanking leads to depression

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It’s funny that just recently I had an interesting discussion on spanking. This is one of those subjects I always have a hard time with. I try not to be judgy when it comes to how other people parents their children. I especially feel that way when it comes to discipline, because each child is different and what… Read more »

No-Zero Policies

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Each teacher is different. The teaching style of every teacher varies greatly depending on age, the grade they teach, their personality and a number of other factors. So each year when our child begins a new grade with a new teacher we rearrange our standards and expectations to mesh with a new teacher and his… Read more »

50 Shades of Whatever.

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I know this is a parenting and family blog, so reviewing books that are categorized as “Erotic Romance” normally wouldn’t fly. But, 50 Shades of Grey has been the most passed around book between moms since… OK, well I guess since Twilight (which I have still not read). I can speak from first hand experience… Read more »

Tennessee: Let’s Talk About Sex

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You may recall that recently here on the Life360 blog I reported the shocking news that research has shown that comprehensive sex education helps lower the teen pregnancy rate. As reported in that blog post it turns out states with comprehensive sex education have seen a major decrease in teenage pregnancy. “Mississippi, for instance, continues… Read more »

8 Ways to Save on Gas

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As politicians bicker back and forth about the rising cost of gas prices, those of us here in the trenches are stuck paying exuberant amounts just to simply get around town. If you’re looking for something YOU can do about the ridiculous gas prices, I would recommend contacting your Senator and Congressman. Even more importantly I would… Read more »