Friday the 13th

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I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that, as a kid, Friday the 13th made more than a little nervous. I was a pretty superstitious kid with an active imagination and a love of the supernatural. This of course made me a prime target for tricks and resulted in being scared to death to say… Read more »

New California Laws 2012

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Happy 2012 and happy “the kids are finally back in school” week for all the parents of school aged kids out there. But you might want to stop and take a minute before you head out the door to make sure that with the number of new laws going into effect in 2012, you’re not… Read more »

Mother’s Day and the War on Moms

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While trying to think about a post to write for Mother’s Day I couldn’t help but think back on the many different posts and articles I’ve written on motherhood and the challenges both stay at home and working mothers face (though I use those terms loosely, after all, aren’t ALL moms working moms?). One of… Read more »