Women’s History Month

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Did you know March 8th is International Women’s Day? In fact you might not be aware that the entire month of March is actually Women’s History Month. Is your community doing something to honor it? How about your local schools? Will your son or daughter come home with papers and projects related to Women’s History… Read more »

Is Zero-Tolerance Too Much?

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If your child’s school is anything like mine (or like most schools these days) than they probably have pretty strict rules on medications and sharing food. Maybe your school even has bans on things like peanut butter. From time to time I hear parents gripe about these things. But not me. I have had allergies… Read more »

The Pajama Bottom Problem

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Let me start this post off by saying that I am all for schools enacting dress codes. I have no problems with the schools that have banned make-up and have minimum length requirements for skirts and shirts. Maybe I sound like a crotchety old lady, but kids, especially girls, these days dress way too provocatively…. Read more »

Kids and Politics

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Well 2012 is officially here and with it brings another Presidential election. No matter what side of the political spectrum, you fall on I think we can all agree that we are seeing some of the most turbulent and troubled political times in recent history. No matter you stand on any political issue, candidate or… Read more »

New California Law Creates New Grade Level

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Here in my home state of California severe education cutbacks have become a sad but regular part of public school life. So you can imagine my surprise when I read that we here in California were actually getting something new in our schools. We are getting a new grade level thanks to the new state… Read more »

This Season's Ultimate Holiday Gift: Camp

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This publication is from our friends at the American Camp Association (ACA). For more information on ACA please visit www.ACAcamps.org Is this scene familiar? You are standing in the aisle at your local toy store during the holidays trying to decide what would be the best gift. The problem is that your child has just… Read more »

British Schools Banning Skirts and Make-Up

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I recently read a story that seemed so conflicting 1950s yet totally understandable in this day and age: the publicly funded Nailsea School in Britain is creating a stir this year by outright banning skirts. That’s right, skirts. This falls in line with a similar ban made two years ago by the school, stoping girls… Read more »

Kids Walking to School Alone Could Be Illegal?

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Last week a little boy from my daughter’s first grade class was hit by a car. It was quite scary for everyone; the injuries were serious enough for a medical helicopter to come air lift him to children’s hospital. I don’t know all the details about what happened, only that he had run home (across… Read more »

Milestones and the New School Year

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It’s so odd to sit and write something in silence. Well not complete silence, I have Pandora playing softly in the background as I work. But aside from that my house is quiet. Quiet enough that I can hear the cat jump off the bed upstairs. Quiet enough that every creaky sound this old tri-level… Read more »