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For many of us February isn’t just the months of hearts and candy. It’s also the month of cleats and baseball gloves. That’s right, Little Leagues across the country are getting the early part of their season underway in the way of weekly practices and uniform purchases and field prep. Yay Baseball! Yes, this does… Read more »

Winter Adventures By the Bay

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As a writer I have this odd habit when coming to the end of every vacation or break from school (the kids school anyway) of instantly slipping back into that grade school frame of mind where I feel the need to write about what I did during the break. As the kids prepare to return… Read more »

Family Holiday Musical Adventure

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In all the chaos of the holidays there was one blog post I didn’t get to write until now. So I hope you’ll indulge me one more holiday related type post before we move on to all things 2012. The day before Christmas Eve I got the chance to take the kids into San Francisco… Read more »

Girly Legos – The Gateway Toy

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Now I have to admit that I am the first one to roll my eyes at Lego’s whole new girl targeted line of “Girl Legos”. ” I wish so much that Legos could just be Legos and girls and boys who like Legos could play with them without feeling the need to label them as… Read more »

Gingerbread Photo Contest

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One of my favorite Christmas traditions to do with my kids every year is to make a Gingerbread house. This tradition is immediately followed by one of my other favorite traditions, eating said Gingerbread House. But I always make sure to get pictures in between. Truth be told? I’ve never actually attempted to make a… Read more »

6 Homemade Christmas Crafts

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One of the funnest parts of the holiday season is decking out your home in fabulous decorations and holiday decor. But sometimes the amount of decorating you’d like to do can surpass the amount of decorating your wallet will let you do. But there is lots you can do with stuff you have around the… Read more »

This Season's Ultimate Holiday Gift: Camp

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This publication is from our friends at the American Camp Association (ACA). For more information on ACA please visit Is this scene familiar? You are standing in the aisle at your local toy store during the holidays trying to decide what would be the best gift. The problem is that your child has just… Read more »

Changing Halloween?

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So Halloween has come and gone, but here is one last post on my favorite holiday. The cobwebs have been put away and the monsters have been put away until next October 31. Or maybe NOT October 31, at least not for all of us if a certain state representative in Connecticut has his way…. Read more »

5 Don'ts of Jack-O-Lantern Carving

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It’s time to carve a Jack O’Lantern with the kids. But before you dive headlong into your pumpkin, be sure to check out these five essential tips to avoid while carving your Jack O’Lantern. DON’T start carving the pumpkin immediately. Wash your pumpkin in warm, soapy water. This will reduce the spread of mold into… Read more »