A Trip to Safari West

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Deep in the heart of California’s wine country (Napa wine country) lies something most people wouldn’t expect, the African Serengeti. OK, so it’s not exactly the African Serengeti, but considering the 400 acres of California beauty is home to over 400 exotic mammals and birds, it’s easy to get confused when taking a tour of… Read more »

Why We Love Camping

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This weekend was The Great American Backyard Campout Day and we celebrated by not actually camping in the backyard but by visiting our family campsite way up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. It was great to disconnect from our phones and laptop and work while enjoying the sunshine and fresh mountain air. This… Read more »

7 Cheap Things to Do This Summer

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It doesn’t matter where you are in the nation, it’s official, summer is here! Kids are on summer break and parents are struggling to find a rhythm with the new summer schedule, including me. Summer is a great chance to take advantage of good weather and no school to really crank out the quality time… Read more »

The Rodeo

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It’s been a tradition in my hometown since 1918, decades before I was ever born. Every year, during the second weekend in June, it happens; the town stops to celebrate and enjoy the annual rodeo. That’s right, the Annual Livermore Rodeo, known as the “world’s fastest rodeo” and the Livermore Rodeo Parade have always been… Read more »

National Safety Month Week 3 – Staying Safe Outside

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June is National Safety Month and according to the National Safety Council’s website, “The goal of National Safety Month is to raise public awareness of safety. June also is an appropriate month to focus our efforts on public safety, as the summer season traditionally is a time of increased unintentional injuries and fatalities.” So each… Read more »

National Zoo and Aquarium Month

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In addition to National Safety Month, June is also National Zoo and Aquarium month! It was started by the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums to promote zoo visitation and education. And lucky for me just happened to coincide with my daughter’s Kindergarten field trip to the Oakland Zoo. It had been a couple… Read more »

Shrek Forever After

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We never got around to seeing Shrek Forever After on the big screen, despite the fact that we are all pretty big Shrek fans in my house. We have even seen Shrek the Musical. So when the DVD release correlated to my kid’s birthdays I picked it up as a birthday gift, knowing it would… Read more »