It's National Library Week! LETS READ!

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This week marks one of the lesser-known weeks of the year, National Library Week! According to the American Library Association (ALA) “National Library Week was first sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. It is a time to… Read more »

Grading Parents

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With all the talk the last few weeks about Tiger Mothers and what kind of parent makes for a “good” parent, there have been some great responses to the debate, and of course some hilarious responses as well. And of course it got me thinking. I firmly believe that debating over parenting styles is futile…. Read more »

Study: Daycare Kids Have Better Language Skills

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A new study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health revealed that kids who are in formal center or home-based daycares develop stronger verbal skills. The study, which looked at nearly 20,000 kids ages one and a half to three, also showed that children who went to daycare full-time had an advantage over part-time daycare… Read more »

School "Urkels" Kids with Saggy Pants

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I’m not sure exactly where and when the ridiculous trend of wearing super saggy pants that hang down to your knees became hip. And like most people I certainly don’t know WHY the saggy pants fashion trend came into existence. It doesn’t look good, it certainly can’t be comfortable or in anyway can it make… Read more »

Using the Parent Trigger Law

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I like to think with the release of films like Waiting for Superman and Race to Nowhere, parents are starting to become more aware of their child’s education. And hopefully with that awareness they are becoming more active in advocating for a better education. But with as much as I like to think that, I… Read more »

The Race to Nowhere: Helping Us Actually Get Somewhere

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It’s not exactly a secret that America’s education system is failing, or has failed. We consistently rank lowest against comparable countries — lowest in test scores and graduation rates. It’s a scary thought for any American, but especially for parents like me whose children are still in the early years of their journey through the… Read more »

Arizona Schools to Give Kids Notes for Being Fat

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Public schools have an obligation to educate their students about nutrition and other healthy habits, but at what point does that involvement go too far? How about here: in Flagstaff, AZ, students will be weighed and measured, and those deemed overweight will receive a letter to take home to their parents. The letter, of course,… Read more »

Video: Gay Student Defends Teacher

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In Howell, Michigan, a teacher was suspended for disciplining a student who used anti-gay slurs in class. That’s right, the teacher got in trouble for doing the decent thing and standing up for a gay student. But one gay student is standing up for that teacher. 14-year-old Graeme Taylor defended the teacher’s actions in a… Read more »

New Parenting Trend: RIE

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When I think of RIE, I think of the awesomely huge (and expensive) outdoor gear retailer (although that’s actually REI). But it’s also an acronym for Resources for Infant Educators, a new approach to parenting that prefers giving kids quiet time at home to enrollment in extracurricular like swim an dance classes. It’s a sort… Read more »

7 Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Halloween has come and gone which means one thing for parents of school-aged children: parent-teacher conferences. In my neck of the woods, conference time is always received by groans from the parents but it’s actually one of the most important events that occurs in the school year, especially if you don’t have regular contact with… Read more »