Should Your Child Start Kindergarten at Age 6?

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The debate continues: when should my son/daughter start kindergarten? A long piece from the New York Times weighs in on both sides of the argument. Being the youngest kid in class often has a negative effect on a child’s performance and behavior. Kids age 5 are more likely to struggle to keep up. It’s not… Read more »

10 Tips What Teachers Want Parents to Know

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As the kids head back to school, it’s also time for you, the parent, to get involved in their education. Make the effort to form a strong parent-teacher relationship to ensure that your child is getting everything he/she needs in and outside of the classroom. So how do you nurture a strong parent-teacher relationship? Just… Read more »

Are All-Girls Schools Better than All-Boys Schools?

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There are a lot of people who believe that single-sex education produces better students, since their in a classroom that’s not distracted by those damn hormones. But this was a new argument: are all-girls schools better than all-boys schools? At MomLogic this morning, Yvette Manessis Corporon, said that a single-sex education was better for her… Read more »

Free Books Can Prevent Summer Slide

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Much ado about the dreaded “summer slide,” when kids typically lose up to two months of academic progress after a lazy, unengaged summer. So how do we prevent it? New research from the American Association of School Administrators has an answer: summer reading, and make it free. Of course, with every school district in the… Read more »

Why the School Year Should be Longer

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Summer presents a lot of educational hurdles, especially when it comes to learning loss. But at Strollerderby, Madeline Holler has a solution: extend the school year. Sure, it cuts down on the kids’ summer breaks, but think about the benefits: no summer learning slide, less money spent on daycare, and more pay for teachers. “[It]… Read more »

3 Learning Websites for Summer Education

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Earlier this week, Meghan talked about keeping your kids learning over the summer. MomLogic also has three other great websites to keep those brains thinking. CarrotSticks For 1st to 5th grade math skills, your kids can compete online with the fun, brightly colored CarrotSticks. They can even design their own character. They’ll be having so… Read more »

Study: More Friends Means Better Grades?

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Do you think your high schooler spends too much time socializing and not enough time studying? This may not be a bad thing, according to a new study from the University of California, Los Angeles. A survey of 629 12th graders revealed that students with the highest GPAs were the students with the most friends…. Read more »

Preventing Summer Learning Loss for Kids

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As the school year comes to and end and summer vacation gets into full swing, there is more on parents’ minds than just keeping the kids entertained for the summer. How do we keep them smart? Research shows that the concerns of “Summer Learning Loss” are valid. Most students lose about two months of grade-level… Read more »

School Budget Solution: Only Four Days of School a Week?

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There’s much ado about the nationwide education crisis, and here’s one solution that’s picking up steam: the four-day school week. 120 school districts across the country are cutting out a day to alleviate cash-strapped schools. But how is this affecting academic performance? In Peach County, Georgia, test scores are actually up! The graduation rate is… Read more »