Crock Pot Crazy

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Crock Pots have made such a big come back that I see a new recipe pop up every few days in some form of media.  Oddly enough, microwaves were invented and sold for home use before crock pots.  They must have been too expensive for my family, because I remember when crock pots hit the… Read more »

Kids Need Carbs!

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I was sitting at dinner last night with my niece, her two-year-old enjoying a roll beside her.  She said, “He eats six times a day, mostly carbs.” At a healthy weight, he needs plenty of high energy foods to maintain his tremendous growth and intense activity level.  The amount of food he eats at one… Read more »

Kids and Politics

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Well 2012 is officially here and with it brings another Presidential election. No matter what side of the political spectrum, you fall on I think we can all agree that we are seeing some of the most turbulent and troubled political times in recent history. No matter you stand on any political issue, candidate or… Read more »

Party Safe Parenting – Underage Drinking

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Children receive plenty of mixed messages about consuming alcohol all year long; from Thanksgiving through Super Bowl Sunday, the emphasis on alcohol just seems that much more pronounced.  Festivities have been associated with drinking for centuries, but today the media, the commercial industry, and even individuals have taken it to a new level.  Remember, I… Read more »

Winter Adventures By the Bay

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As a writer I have this odd habit when coming to the end of every vacation or break from school (the kids school anyway) of instantly slipping back into that grade school frame of mind where I feel the need to write about what I did during the break. As the kids prepare to return… Read more »