No-Zero Policies

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Each teacher is different. The teaching style of every teacher varies greatly depending on age, the grade they teach, their personality and a number of other factors. So each year when our child begins a new grade with a new teacher we rearrange our standards and expectations to mesh with a new teacher and his… Read more »

Summer Safety Tips

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The kids are out of school, the summer sun is beating down and the pool is open! That’s right, it’s summer vacation!  But with all the wonderful memory making moments that come with those magical three months also come many dangers. As much as we like to pretend we remember all those very important summer… Read more »

6 Ideas for End of the Year Teacher Gifts

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As the school year draws to a close we, as parents, are swamped with a million things to do and remember. Registration for the next year, end of the year parties, summer plans, end of spring sports activities, and beginning of summer sports activities. Oh and of course, purchasing a gift for your child’s teacher…. Read more »

8 Things I Want to do This Summer

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May is officially over which means one of the most important and significant times of the year for both parents and children, SUMMER VACATION! That’s right, it’s time to blast the Beach Boys, relax and spend some quality time with the kids. Which takes care of the first week. Than what? After all, not all… Read more »