The Avengers

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Sometimes a blockbuster movie can be so built up in marketing tie-ins, commercials, promotions and just plain hype that when we actually see the movie it hardly comes close to living up to the hype. But so far, in my humble opinion, the Marvel movies have done an incredible job of not only living up… Read more »

Teach Kids With Music and “Expand the Bland”

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I recently spoke with and was inspired by Alex Nesmith, multi-platinum music producer and co-founder, Spark The Mind and Smart Shorties. His idea is strikingly simple: make learning fun – contagious even – and the lessons will stick. Partner the lesson with a recognizable beat – and you have the formula for Smart Shorties: harnessing the power of… Read more »

Tennessee: Let’s Talk About Sex

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You may recall that recently here on the Life360 blog I reported the shocking news that research has shown that comprehensive sex education helps lower the teen pregnancy rate. As reported in that blog post it turns out states with comprehensive sex education have seen a major decrease in teenage pregnancy. “Mississippi, for instance, continues… Read more »

Parenting and the Milk Carton Generation

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I often notice that people around my parent’s age and older poke fun at my generation when it comes to parenting related issues. Sometimes I even hear other parents my age poke fun at themselves. We are the first truly “safety first” generation. We are not only the generation that became parents with television, magazines… Read more »

Facebook Punishments

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I’m sure you heard recently about the mother who is facing criticism after punishing her daughter via Facebook. Her 13 year old daughter not only got involved in a bunch of online drama with her friends but mouthed off to her in front of her friends, so Denise Abbott not only temporarily banned daughter Ava… Read more »