Zip Code Education

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At what length would you go to ensure your child gets the best possible education? If the school your address dictates your child must attend isn’t the best school in your area (or is a downright bad school, plenty of those exist in every town) shouldn’t you be able to send your child to a… Read more »

How to Make 1-2-3 Warnings Work

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You’re probably used to giving your kids warnings (“That needs to stop right now!”), but do they work? You may find that your warnings are more effective when you tailor your approach to your child’s temperament. Here’s a question to help you figure out what kind of approach to take: How does your child react… Read more »

Star Wars Kids Alphabet

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Most of our readers her at Life360 Now! are parents (or really awesome uncles and aunts who love kids). You or someone you know a big Star Wars geek? What about their newest additions to the family? It seems we always want to share our personal interest with our children. Whether that be sports, music,… Read more »