Is It OK to Be Naked in Front of Your Kids?

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At Babble, Emily Mendell wonders if it’s a good idea to let her ten-year-old son see her naked. Seems harmless, right? Well, Mendell wonders if her nudity is actually scarring her kids. (The first time I typed “scarring,” I wrote “scaring,” which might also be appropriate.) Later, I ask my husband, “Do you think it’s… Read more »

Why Do Toddlers Dance?

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According to Heather Johnson Durocher at, “Dancing can also be a sweet window into your child’s world. A happy dance with lots of clapping could signal she’s pleased. She may also be angling for attention — it’s a surefire way to get a few laughs — or imitating you when you’re getting into the… Read more »

Toothbrush Time for Kindergarteners

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Will “toothbrush time” join the ranks of nap time and recess as staples of preschool? Massachusetts is the first state to add toothbrush time to schools, in an attempt to fight a growing trend of poor dental care in the state. A 2003 study revealed that one out of four kindergarteners in Massachusetts has a… Read more »

Can Sleep Deprivation Cause Unhappiness

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I mean, obviously the sleep-deprived are grumpy people, but what exactly are the implications of not getting enough sleep to a kid’s overall demeanor? At the Huffington Post, Christine Carter says not getting enough sleep can make kids, “less smart, inattentive, fat, less creative, moody and ill-behaved.” Fat? OK. She continues:

Mom or Dad: Who Should I Be Today?

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In a perfect world, a child has two parents. Generally, the mom is the one who uses a softer side to support and nurture the child while the father tends to bring a rougher and perhaps a no-nonsense approach to raising the child. For example, let’s take the case of a child falling down and… Read more »

Staying Together for the Kids IS a Good Idea

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As a counterpoint to yesterday’s post on whether staying together for the kids is worse than divorcing (a new study determined yes), Donna Antebi of the Huffington Post published an opinion piece on the importance of the traditional family structure. She says: The No. 1 thing for those of us who are married is to… Read more »

Schools Try Recess Before Lunch

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Here’s an idea: have elementary school kids in go to recess before lunch. The logic makes sense to me. Recess activity will get kids hungry, and they’ll be more tired at lunch and less likely to be rowdy. Some experts think it can, and now some schools are rescheduling recess — sending students out to… Read more »

SAHM or Go Back to Work?

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First-time expectant moms often share with me that they can’t wait to quit their job and become a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Not all new moms have this option. But I did. When I was pregnant with my first child, I wasn’t sure I wanted to quit my job and just stay at home. At the time,… Read more »