Bra Color Black, Cancer Awareness Pointed

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Did you receive the request on Facebook to update your status with your bra color? I did, and then I started to see the status updates of my friends — black with lace, red with sequins, tiny gold. I felt too self-conscious to post plain white (boring!). The cute bras I owned didn’t fit so… Read more »

Our Best Present Ever

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I took a poll at my house, but we couldn’t agree. I thought the best present ever arrived last year when we adopted Polly and Olivia, our beautiful twin cats. Jack is sure that the TV that Santa brought this year has to be the best gift ever.

Science Experiments for Kids (and Big Kids)

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My third grader loves science experiments. From seemingly simple things like standing an egg on end (not as easy as you think) to wanting to mix chemicals together to see what explodes, his curiosity is contagious. So for Christmas, I ordered a CHEM C1000 chemistry experiment set. 75 diverse experiments with a 40-page, full-color manual…. Read more »

Addicted to My CrackBerry

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Do you use Twitter? I have tweet texts pinging my BlackBerry all day long. One day, I turned Twitter updates off on my phone, just to take break. I found myself periodically checking to see if my phone was actually working because it was so quiet. Some people like to have a television on in… Read more »

Worst New Year's Ever?

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Updated: Apparently, the article has been pulled. Oh well. Speaking of kids and drinking, his is probably the best personal story I’ve read all week (and I read a lot of ’em). Giyen at Bacon is My Enemy hosts a New Year’s party for her daughter Paige: Let’s just say that New Year’s Eve involved… Read more »

Laptop Positions to Avoid

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Nope, that’s not from the Kama Sutra. In a case study for netbook design, the Savannah College of Art and Design identified the pain points in ten of the most common usage positions. Note that the second position — laying straight back — is one of the most comfortable. Might not be the most productive… Read more »

The 20 Most Important Kids of 2009

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Did your kid make the list? Just kidding. By “important,” what BuzzFeed really means is “cutest,” and by “kids,” they actually mean “kids in viral videos.” Number one? David After Dentist of course. Rewatch that YouTube classic below. Other favorites after the jump.

Should Schools Teach Good Behavior?

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Here’s a new idea about education reform: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Should kids be educated in good behavior and being positive human beings? Is it more important than traditional academia? SEL programming acts as “a force multiplier,” Congressman [Tim] Ryan told the group assembled at the forum. “You get the teachers, you get the… Read more »

Little Things

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It’s always the little things, isn’t it? Like when you split with a lover, and what you remember later is how annoying it was that he always left the dirty dishes sitting in the sink instead of loading them into the dishwasher. Or the roommate who had a fetish about organizing the Tupperware cupboard. She’d… Read more »