The Hidden Dangers of Competitive Sports

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Sports are a staple of high school extracurricular activities, but are they worth the time commitment and potential dangers of injury? Writer Jonnie Wall on sports website Sportales breaks down the pros and cons of youth athletics, though most of the arguments on both sides are fairly familiar, especially on the emotional and mental tradeoffs… Read more »

Rejected: Parents Friending Their Kids on Facebook

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There’s a new website called Oh Crap, My Parents Joined Facebook that catalogs embarrassing messages and posts from parents who don’t quite “get” social networking. The site pays tribute to the new but frequent phenomenon of kids feeling like their privacy is invaded when parents send them a friend request. It’s an understandable sentiment. When… Read more »

How Many Kids is too Many?

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Big families may be all the rage on TLC, but in American life off-screen, they’ve become increasingly rare. More than that, they’ve contracted an air of stigmatization, according to a New York Times article printed earlier this year that addressed public perceptions of “large” families. Nowadays “large” seems to mean four or more kids, but… Read more »

Parental Controls

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Monitoring and censoring your kids’ computer use is a decision that’s left up to parents. But parental controls aren’t just about blocking access to explicit websites. Consider enabling controls to set maximums on computer usage or, for younger users, a safeguard for internet safety. In Windows Vista and Mac OS X, you can also set… Read more »

Be Careful of Computers — They're Heavy

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Recent studies indicate that video game or chat addictions aren’t the only dangers posed to children by computers. According to an article by Jennifer Thomas of Health Day, over 9,000 children are now injured every year by computer hardware—a dramatic increase from the 1,300 kids hurt by computers in 1994. The majority of children are… Read more »