6 Ways to Prevent Sibling Rivalry

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When siblings fight, everyone in the family is affected. When a parent hears, “Give it to me!” “Get away from me!” or “No, m-i-n-e!” their first reaction is to yell, “Stop it!” or “How many times have I told you!” Many parents with more than one child have told me: “They fight terribly. . .They… Read more »

Mommy Services

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Remember the 80s sitcom Growing Pains? Well there was one episode where the teenage son, Mike, wanted to live on his own as an adult. So to give Mike a taste of what it would be like his parents started charging him for rent and meals and laundry, etc. If I’m not mistaken this also… Read more »

The Tooth Fairy Strikes

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The last few months before Christmas my 6-year-old had been getting antsy. She was one of the last kids in her first grade class who had not yet lot her first tooth. She kept asking me when she would finally lose a tooth, and though I continued to assure her that eventually she would, I… Read more »

12 Reasons It’s Awesome to Work From Home

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It’s 9 O’clock on a Friday night and here I am. I’ve got Erasure playing on the computer and have notes and papers scattered beside me on the couch. I’m in my comfy PJs wrapped in a blanket topped off with super fuzzy socks. My kids are snuggled up asleep in their beds and I’m… Read more »

Big Game Parties

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I’m not a football fan, mostly because I hate to watch people hurt one another intentionally.  I will, however, join my family for the festivities and food next Sunday.  It may not be family table time, but it will be a time of sharing food and fellowship with family. For kids who are raised to… Read more »

The Beyonce and Jay-Z Circus

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I tried my best to ignore the news about Beyonce and Jay-Z giving birth. I really did. I caught wind of the news online and of course gave a little knowing smile (as all mother’s do when a knew member joins the club) and went about my business. Later I heard some hubbub about the… Read more »

How to Deal with Back Talk

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 Don’t you dare talk to me that way! 

When a child is being verbally disrespectful, or as we called it in our home, “emotionally biting” someone, a parent’s defensive wall goes up and she screams right back! Most parents who are having loud, ugly words screamed at them would react. The question is, “is there… Read more »